January 28, 2014

Building owners and small businesses can save themselves thousands of dollars in costly repairs and energy loss by scheduling regular maintenance calls for their HVAC systems.

The energy required to run a building’s heating and cooling units can account for up to 40% of the total for a commercial property. Small businesses blame a lack of available funds for not keeping up with the maintenance, not realizing that they could easily recoup the cost and then some by having a system that is running efficiently.  These systems are not the same as the one you have at home. They are significantly larger and more complicated. It is ill-advised to attempt to try and clean or fix it yourself.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance Services

The heating and cooling system inside a commercial building is one of the biggest investments that the builder made. What many people fail to realize is that just like with any other piece of machinery, they require maintenance and cleaning to remain running optimally. Since its components are mainly out of sight, many business owners forget their existence until they find their store without heat. To avoid that inconvenience, plus the possible high cost of fixing it, a business owner should instead invest in a regular maintenance service.

Budgeting the Costs

Having a set inspection and maintenance schedule for the HVAC system that runs in your business will ensure that it is kept running properly all year round. The fees can be added to your overhead costs and budgeted for just like any other cost related to the business. With regular diagnostic checks and cleanings you are reducing the risk of needing an expensive replacement in the future.

In addition to preventing costly repairs or replacements, a regular check of your HVAC unit will keep it running more efficiently. Dirty filters and moving parts keep the system from running properly and costing you extra money each month in excess energy use. You will note the difference immediately once your heating and cooling components have been cleaned and updated with new parts.

Using the Thermostat Effectively

During a service call, the certified HVAC technician will be available to you to discuss other ways that you can save money on energy costs. They can show you how to effectively set the thermostat timers to keep your customers comfortable while at the same time-saving money on the utility bill. Many people believe that shutting the system down entirely during off-hours is cost-effective when the truth is you are losing money each morning having to bring the temperature back to a proper level quickly. The technician can show you how to take advantage of the timers to keep the building at a consistent temperature more efficiently.

Successful business owners are those that consider every expense and look for ways to cut down on them. One of the easiest ways to do this is by reducing the overhead of the utility bill by ensuring the efficiency of the heating and cooling system. Scott-Lee Heating Company will be more than happy to come out to your business and help you accomplish that.  Call us today at (314) 200-0788.

Photo credit:  dankueck