September 2, 2016

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Is Your HVAC System Pest Proof?

By choosing to ignore the pests, you invite bigger problems. Proper pest control can protect most parts of your home or building from pests; however, one part that is often overlooked is the heating and air conditioning system. According to St. Louis HVAC experts, pest-proofing the HVAC components is important for keeping pests out of your home, protecting occupants from health hazards, and preventing damage to expensive equipment.

Damage Caused by Pests

Pests can enter an HVAC system in several ways – in the space between HVAC components and in an area where pests are common. If pests manage to enter your heating system or its components, a variety of problems can occur. Pests can cause damage to HVAC components which they use to move through a house or where they are nesting. This can result in expensive repairs or even system replacement. Pests can also cause damage to the home itself.

Indoor Air Quality Issues When Pests Invade Your HVAC System

Pest infestation in an HVAC system can cause numerous air quality problems. Dead rodents, droppings, and other debris left behind in the HVAC system or ductwork can cause a foul smell inside your home. If you use pesticides to treat the pest problem, harmful chemicals in these products can cause the indoor air quality to diminish.

Health Problems

Infestation in your HVAC system can pose several health risks to the occupants. Many pests are common allergens and when these pests enter the HVAC system, occupants are exposed to these allergens, triggering a host of symptoms. Pests that are nesting within the HVAC system can cause harm to occupants or technicians working on the system. For example, a rodent may bite or a bee can sting anyone nearby. Exposure to pesticides used to treat infestation can irritate the nose, throat, and eyes. When pest debris circulates through the HVAC system, the house will become contaminated with droppings, dander, and other debris.

Protect Your HVAC System From Pests

St. Louis HVAC experts recommend some simple steps to keep pests at bay:

  • Seal cracks and gaps in the duct system as they create access for pests to enter.
  • Install flue and vent covers to prevent the entry of pests.
  • Protect your exterior air conditioner condenser with a cover. Pests can damage the condenser by scratching and chewing. Keep the surroundings clear and use pest repellants to deter pests or animals from coming to the area.

Do you suspect a pest infestation in your HVAC system?

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