December 6, 2017

St. Louis couple next to thermostat with heating bill

When your heating and cooling equipment runs efficiently, you save energy.

As the cold weather comes in and the windows are being locked up tight, many people are wondering whether it’s worth the cost to get their ductwork cleaned professionally, or if it is just hype. The truth is that air duct cleaning is essential – not just for your family’s health, but to reduce wear and tear on your HVAC system.

If your ducts are riddled with allergens or dust and dirt, it is recirculating those things around your home and making you miserable. It is also making your furnace run overtime to push air through the compromised ducts.

What’s in Your Ductwork?

When the windows are closed, a large percentage of the air in your home is just continually being recirculated – which means that dust, dirt, and all the other environmental allergens are just going around and around, kicked up time and again. If you can’t open up your windows to let things air out, then all that dirt and debris is getting caught up in your ductwork.

When the heater is working and hot air is being pushed through the ducts, it creates an atmosphere of moisture and darkness – two conditions that make it ripe for fungus, mold, and bacteria to grow and multiply. That means that every time the heat goes on, you are getting a blast of air that is filled with things that aren’t exactly healthy to breathe in. The more debris that builds up, the harder your furnace has to work to move the air, and the more your energy bills are going to increase as well.

There are two ways that ductwork cleaners can clean out your HVAC system. One is through suctioning the ducts with a high-pressure hose. Similar to the function of a vacuum, the duct cleaner works to remove those particles from inside your ducts that would otherwise be stuck and recirculating.

The other type of system has the same suction force, but it also has a brush that works to loosen the particles that can stick. The brush is a better way to target bacteria and fungal growth if it exists.

St. Louis HVAC Maintenance

At Scott-Lee Heating Company, our certified technicians will diagnose any problems or system failures, perform precision maintenance and ensure that your equipment is operating according to specifications recommended by the manufacturer. When your heating and cooling equipment runs efficiently, you save energy. Save energy and you will save money too.

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