May 6, 2014

We spend a large part of our day indoors, so it is important that we ensure that the air inside our homes is free from all allergens.

Poor internal air quality can cause several health problems ranging from skin irritation, to severe respiratory problems such as asthma. The problem is that homeowners tend to underestimate the level of pollution inside their home. The fact is that dust, pet dander, pollen, and other pollutants can adversely affect the internal air quality and lead to a lot of health problems.

The First Line of Defense

The air filters in your HVAC system act as the first line of defense against air pollutants, however, it may not suffice if the level of pollution is reasonably high. In such cases, it is worthwhile to invest in an air purifier to keep the pollution under check. Before we proceed to understand how an air purifier can benefit your home, it is important that we have a look at the main source of pollutants, and how bad they are for your health and well being.

Sources of Air Pollution Inside Your Home

You might vacuum your home daily and keep it in a sparkling clean state, but there are several sources that could still be polluting your indoor air. Here are just some of those sources:

  • Poor insulation
  • Emission from fireplaces and heating devices that burn wood, gas, kerosene, or oil
  • Pressed wood furniture
  • Rugs and carpets
  • Pet litter boxes
  • Pet dander/hair
  • Seasonal plant pollen and mold
  • Household cleaning products and air freshners
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Exhaust from automobiles, e.g. carbon monoxide
  • Infectious pathogens

The Benefits of an Air Purifier

These are just a few of the air pollutants that can causes serious health problems. If the internal air quality is poor the residents may experience irritation of eyes, headache, breathing problems, allergies, asthma, skin allergies, or other health problems. You may consider investing in an air purifier to ensure that your family is safe from all internal air quality-related health hazards. Here are some benefits of installing an air purifier in your home:

  • By constantly inhaling pollutants you tend to develop health complications that can adversely affect your lifespan. An air purifier lets you breathe clean and fresh air, thereby helping you lead a long and healthy life.
  • Polluted air never feels fresh and may have a peculiar odor. We resort to air fresheners to get rid of the odor and staleness in the air but it increases the pollution level further.
  • With an air purifier, homeowners can stay assured that they can keep a pet without having to worry about allergies.
  • The humidity levels remain at the optimum level.
  • People in the house who have allergies or asthma can benefit immensely from an air purifier.

An air purifier is a small investment to breathe fresh and clean air inside your home. Call Scott-Lee Heating Company at (314) 200-0788 and request information about installing an air purifier.

Photo credit: Doug Kerr via Flickr