June 14, 2023

AC Maintenance in St. Louis, MO

A Handy HVAC Spring Cleaning Checklist

Springtime is a wonderful opportunity to clear out the clutter that has accumulated during the winter and check off outdoor chores that have fallen by the wayside during colder weather. It’s also a great time to check in on your HVAC system to ensure you and your family stay cool and comfortable this summer. To help you do this, Scott-Lee Heating Company has created a handy checklist of several things you can do to keep your AC system, ducts, ventilation and other HVAC system components running smoothly as the weather heats up.

Replace Your Filters

Your HVAC system uses filters to capture dust and debris in the air to keep it from clogging up your HVAC system. Most systems have replaceable filters that need to be changed between once a month and every three months. Even if you haven’t run your cooling system over the winter, the spring season is still a good time to check the condition of your filters and replace them if necessary.

An HVAC company can provide you with recommendations if you’re unsure about how often you need to change your filters or which filters to use. Different indoor air quality scenarios may benefit from different types of filters. Some homes can benefit from using traditional filters while others may require filters that utilize HEPA filtration technologies instead. Having the right filters installed for your needs can also extend the life of your system.

Measure Your Indoor Air Quality

Spring is also a fantastic time to check your indoor air quality. Over the winter, mold can develop in crawlspaces, basements, under cabinets and in other areas of your home. Left untreated, mold can put spores into the air that can make you and your family sick. Additionally, some homes in the St. Louis area experience a surge in allergens as the weather changes and plants begin to bloom outside. This can cause people with seasonal allergies to experience an uptick in symptoms, including coughing, sneezing, runny nose and watery eyes.

To remedy these issues, you’re encouraged to have the indoor air quality of your home checked. An HVAC professional can do this for you and recommend solutions to help you and your loved ones breathe easier. A whole-house air filtration solution or air scrubber may be just what your home needs to help you enjoy fresh, clean air during the summer and all year long.

Tidy Up Your Outdoor Areas

An outdoor HVAC unit needs a few feet of clearance to operate efficiently. Over the fall and winter, dead leaves, bugs and other debris can fall into the exhaust of your outdoor HVAC unit, potentially causing trouble when you turn it on in the spring. You may also find that weeds and plants have started to grow around your outdoor HVAC as the weather warms up. This can lead to poor performance from your system and added HVAC repairs in the future.

To improve performance and avoid repair problems, take some time to clean up the area around your outdoor HVAC unit before the hot weather sets in. You should never attempt to clean debris out of your HVAC unit if it has fallen inside the unit. Attempting to do so can lead to serious injuries and additional damage to the inside of your HVAC system. Instead, contact an HVAC service technician at Scott-Lee Heating Company for assistance. We can safely remove debris and clean your outdoor HVAC unit to ensure you and your family enjoy cool air this summer. While we’re at your home, we can also inspect and clean other parts of your unit, including the drain line.

Avoid DIY

With the availability of how-to videos and websites on the Internet, it can be tempting to try to fix HVAC problems yourself. Unfortunately, many homeowners learn the hard way that attempting DIY HVAC work can end up causing injuries and property damage. Even if a job looks simple, there are probably complexities involved that you don’t know about. Additionally, most homeowners simply don’t have the specialized tools required to repair an HVAC system.

If you encounter any HVAC issues while preparing your home for the summer weather, contact a specialist for help. An HVAC service expert will have the tools and experience to thoroughly inspect your system and offer routine maintenance and repairs. Your HVAC service professional will also be able to provide expert recommendations based on the unique needs of your home and family.

Check Your Thermostat Schedule

Many homes in the St. Louis area rely on programmable thermostats or smart thermostats that operate on a schedule. If you use a schedule to regulate the temperature in your home, spring is the perfect time to check your schedule and make adjustments. When checking your thermostat schedule, don’t forget to check any associated apps on your smartphone. Even if you change the schedule on your wall thermostat, you may still have a schedule programmed in a connected app.

You may need to wait until the weather warms up to set the schedule you will use during the summer, but you don’t want to continue operating using the same schedule you used during the winter. Not only will you be uncomfortable indoors, but your HVAC system may not function efficiently, either. An HVAC service technician can help you find the right settings to balance comfort and efficiency.

Evaluate Windows and Doors

You may not think your windows and doors have anything to do with your HVAC system, but drafty windows and doors can make your HVAC unit work overtime. Even small cracks leak air from your home during the summer. When you multiply these small cracks across windows and doors throughout your entire home, you may end up losing a lot more energy than you realize. Even if you checked your windows and doors before the winter, temperature changes that cause wood to expand and contract may have caused slight gaps and cracks by the time spring arrives.

This results in a waste of money through lost energy. Many homeowners who have leaky windows and doors also find that their AC systems must work harder, which shortens the operational lifespan of AC systems. If you notice windows and doors that don’t shut all the way, it would be a good idea to have a professional address these issues to help save on energy costs and HVAC repairs.

Take Care of Your Investment

No matter the time of year, the HVAC professionals at Scott-Lee Heating Company are here to help in the St. Louis region. We believe that proper care and year-round maintenance of your HVAC system are the keys to protecting your investment. Our specialists are trained, licensed and insured, and we provide a range of HVAC services in the St. Louis area to keep our customers comfortable. We offer residential and commercial AC repair, installation and maintenance, but we also provide ductless mini-splits, heat pumps and geothermal solutions.