August 3, 2017

HVAC Reapir St Louis

The last thing you want is for your air conditioner to fail on a hot summer day in St. Louis.

The last thing any homeowner would want on a hot summer day in St. Louis is an air conditioner that does not work. It is important that all HVAC owners understand the reasons for air conditioning unit failure and know the measures that can help prevent it altogether.

While a number of issues can crop up and lead to HVAC unit failures, they are all preventable and very easy to put into practice. The most common reasons are irregular or lack of service and maintenance of the HVAC unit, incorrect installation, and improper care of the AC unit and its components.

To ensure that such issues do not lead to an HVAC unit failure, HVAC owners should put the following into regular practice.

Ensure Proper Installation

Poor installation of an HVAC unit can cause it to overwork and this leads to failure. Poor installation could include poorly planned installations, for example, placement of HVAC unit, vents, and ducts in a way where optimized cooling does not take place and renders the ability of the HVAC to condition the air, ineffective. According to St. Louis HVAC experts, a poorly planned installation can actually reduce the efficacy of the HVAC unit and reduce its lifespan, finally leading to failure.

Avoiding Blockages Around the Unit

An HVAC unit needs to remain cool to work efficiently. This is due to the fact that the cooler the conditioner, the lesser effort the HVAC has to put to condition the air, subsequently increasing the lifespan of the HVAC. Therefore having blockages around the condenser unit, like plants, hedges and bushes can stop the hot air surrounding the HVAC unit, heating the condenser area rather than cooling it. Instead, shading the HVAC unit from the top can avoid exposure to the sun and keeps it cool throughout.

Keeping the HVAC Unit Clean

An HVAC unit can gather a lot of dust and debris over a period of time. It is essential that the HVAC unit – its insides as well as the surrounding area – is kept clean and clear of debris such as mud and dust. All components of the HVAC should also be kept clean. For example, the condenser unit can gather dust, its filters, and condenser coils can accumulate dirt over time and exert stress on the HVAC to perform its cooling functions causing sudden failure.

In a humid climate, the air conditioning system also helps in reducing the humidity content in the conditioned space. Regular cleaning of the condenser pan and drain pipes can keep mold and algae growth that are known for clogging up HVAC systems and causing failure at bay, increasing the lifespan of the HVAC unit.

Regular Servicing and Maintenance

Regular servicing of the HVAC and yearly maintenance check-ups will ensure that the HVAC system is in good working condition. Right from the entire electrical setup, internal components, physical external knobs and buttons, should be checked by a qualified, trained and experienced HVAC technician.

St. Louis Precision Maintenance

Scott-Lee Heating Company offers Precision Maintenance Agreements for customers who want to keep their systems running at peak performance. When your heating and cooling equipment runs efficiently, you save energy. Save energy and you will save money too.

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