March 30, 2015

fix air conditioner

An air conditioner makes your living space comfortable; however, if your air conditioner makes too much noise, it becomes a source of irritation.

Has your air conditioner always been this loud or has it recently started making a lot of noise? If the noise has started recently, then the problem may be mechanical and you should get the unit inspected to locate the defect or the source of the noise.

Using a Soundproofing Blanket

Central air conditioners have an outdoor compressor and condenser unit which has moving parts that may become noisy with time. The most effective way to reduce noise for an outdoor unit is to install a soundproofing blanket on the compressor. Compressors generally have an internal cooling system and hence the problem of overheating due to soundproofing may not arise. However, first, check with the unit’s manufacturer regarding any warranty violations due to the use of a soundproofing blanket.

Anti-Vibration Pads

The noise of an outdoor unit can also be because of excessive vibrations. This can be resolved using anti-vibration pads. These are inexpensive rubber pads that can be installed under the feet of the compressor – they dampen the vibrations and decrease the noise levels. Another option is to install a ‘soft start’ controller on the compressor unit. The compressor requires a large amount of electric current during starting which causes heavy noise and vibrations. The soft starter regulates this current and reduces the noise generated.

If you have a window air conditioner, muffling the compressor noise is not an option. The fan of a window air conditioner is also a culprit in making noise. The dust and grime deposited over the blades may cause increased noise and it is advisable to keep the fan and grille clean. There may be loose components which can start rattling and add to the ambient noise of the unit.

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