February 8, 2021

AC System in St. Louis, MO

How Often Should You Get HVAC Maintenance?

A well-maintained HVAC system could leave homeowners with fewer worries and concerns. Who wants a furnace to break down on one of the coldest days of the year, or any day for that matter? Thankfully, routine HVAC maintenance could deliver reliable assistance that keeps a heater operating smoothly. Sometimes, a thorough inspection picks up on a minor problem that could turn into a significant disaster. Catching these issues in time might save homeowners from aggravation and repair costs.

How often should routine maintenance and inspections occur? Here are some things to keep in mind.

Making Plans for Routine Maintenance

Generally, an annual service visit could be adequate for many homes and their accompanying systems. Some sources may suggest a visit once every two years is fine, but once a year might make more sense for some homeowners.

Suggestions for routine maintenance checks once every two years come with a caveat. A property located in a mild climate with consistent weather throughout the year may not deal with scorching summers and freezing winters. Therefore, the system might not go through extensive use. Annual inspections become critical in other regions where there are concerns about leaving an unchecked furnace to fate when a new harsh season arrives.

Perhaps even requesting a maintenance visit every six months could be worthwhile. Winter weather may require running the heater for extended times, putting a strain on its parts and potentially clogging the filter. The air conditioning unit might suffer similar troubles when summer ends. So, two visits in the same year might be beneficial.

The Value of a Maintenance Visit

Routine maintenance might not involve too much work if the HVAC system doesn’t appear to have anything wrong with it. That said, no one will know for sure if any problems exist unless someone performs a thorough check.

Granted, if the system starts to malfunction, the homeowner would likely place a call to a technician for a service visit. However, the homeowner would do so to have repair work performed. That’s not the same thing as routine maintenance, which often involves preventive services.

When a technician inspects an HVAC system, he or she looks for several issues that might not currently contribute to a noticeable problem. A worn part might work inefficiently but may not be at the point where it stops working altogether. Upon noticing such a part, the technician may replace it, hopefully avoiding worse problems before they happen.

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Cleaning the System

What if the technician uncovers mold in the unit? Extra work may be necessary to get rid of the growth since there may be health issues to consider. Homeowners should at least feel relieved that the technician discovered the problem, as allowing mold to grow could lead to a troubling situation.

Dirt and debris may build up in an HVAC system. The impurities could find their way into the air ducts. Allowing dirt, dust, and more to accumulate could undermine efficiency and lead to air quality concerns. Who wants dirt and debris to circulate throughout a home? Annual cleanings could be a big help.

Issues to Consider

Homeowners need to take steps to care for the system in between home inspections and technician visits. Ignoring or downplaying any problems with the equipment could yield some unfortunate repercussions. Does the unit short-cycle or emit a strange odor? Don’t assume such issues are minor ones, as a serious and hazardous situation might be developing.

Even something as simple as a dirty filter could lead to disaster. A filter usually requires changing every 90 days. In homes with pets, 30 to 60 days might be necessary. Was there any remodeling work recently done in the residence? If so, then check the filter because and debris could clog it.

A clogged filter could lead to overheating, which may result in extensive damage. So, leaving a dirty filter in place until the next maintenance visit occurs could prove regrettable. Make sure no maintenance issue ends up overlooked.

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