April 19, 2021

Fresh Aire UV Clean Air

How Do UV Light Indoor Air Quality Products Work?

Over the past year, we’ve seen a renewed interest in natural environmental disinfection products. And many homeowners are just learning about UV disinfection technology for the first time.

UV disinfection has a long, well-proven history, beginning with water treatment science, dating back to the late 1870s when the disinfectant properties of sunlight were first discovered. Today, UV light is not only a widely accepted treatment for the removal of water contaminants. It has become a powerful tool in disinfecting your home’s entire living environment.

Why Consider a UV Light Indoor Air Product?

We at Scott-Lee Heating Company in St. Louis have are completely aware of how vital it is to protect the air quality of your home, which is why we think it’s important you understand the benefits of a non-invasively installed germicidal UV light product to your central air system.

A well-functioning air system is essential to keeping your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. But because the system is constantly recirculating oxygen in your home, it can spread unhealthy airborne contaminants throughout your dwelling. It can send viruses, bacteria, mold, and allergens like pollen into every room. And these airborne pathogens range from being a mere nuisance to a potential threat of serious illness.

Managing your home’s air quality is crucial to maintaining a sanitary and healthy living environment. In fact, in recent years, the EPA has listed poor indoor air quality in the as one of the top five environmental hazards to be aware of. Listed below are just a few more contaminants that may be circulating in your home if the air system remains unchecked:

  • Epicoccum
  • Dust Mites
  • Aspergillis
  • Staph
  • Legionella

How Will a UV Light Product Make Your Air System Safer?

As we’ve mentioned, UV light has long been shown to have germicidal qualities. Not only is light effective in killing germs -it’s completely safe. Installing a non-invasive UV light product to your central air system will reduce the need for portable filtration devices that are cheaply made, and, more importantly, dangerous household disinfection chemicals.

Visible light, as in daylight, accounts for only a part of the entire light spectrum. While low-frequency infrared light lies beyond the visible red edge of the spectrum, expressing itself as heat, UV light lies beyond the visible purple edge of the spectrum. At the very end of the purple UV, spectrum is UV-C light. This is the type of light that kills germs.

Aside from being your safest and most organic germicidal option, UV light is the most proven. For years, hospitals and chemical laboratories have been using UV light to disinfect the air and along with instruments used by doctors and scientists alike. Supermarkets, too, use UV light to disinfect produce and eliminate any microorganisms present.

Here’s How Our Indoor UV Light Product Works

Our Fresh-Aire UV scrubbing system will be professionally installed into your existing heating and cooling duct system. With our non-invasive installation method, you won’t have to purchase a new central air system. Once installed, the Fresh-Aire UV disinfects not only the multiple surfaces in your home but also the air you breathe through what’s called an APCO-X air scrubber. This superiorly engineered device delivers a precise dosage of UV that has been provably tested to kill viruses and eliminate airborne contaminants.

The air scrubber itself has undergone ten years of APCO research and development, is fully tested in a lab, and demonstrated to be effective against multiple pathogens, mold, and many other undesirable contaminants that pose a risk to your home’s living environment. The proprietary antimicrobial nanotechnology LED display makes for a rather simple installation by a licensed contractor. It’s completely safe for you and your family, and our newest air scrubber has shown to be 33% more effective than previous models.

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