April 30, 2014

Do you face a situation in your home where some rooms take longer than others to become cool?

If you have a two-story home, then you may have faced this problem where the upper floor takes longer to get cold because the warm air from the lower floor rises up. By the time your upper floor becomes cold, the lower floor becomes too cold. This happens primarily because you are trying to cool the entire house using a single HVAC system and a single thermostat.

Retrofitting ducts or a separate HVAC system can offer a good solution to the problem, but it may turn out to be quite expensive. However, there is another practical and cost-effective solution for such homes. It is known as a zoning system, where the existing HVAC system and ductwork are used to improve cooling and efficiency.

The system is composed of dampers, multiple thermostats, and a control panel. You can adjust the temperature in a particular zone using the thermostat installed in that zone. So, you can regulate the temperature in a particular room without affecting the temperature in other rooms.

Is a Zoning System the Right Choice For My Home?

Zoning systems make good sense for homes where design features do not allow adequate and consistent cooling of all parts of the house. Zoning systems work well in homes that have:

  • Multiple stories: Houses that have multiple stories can benefit immensely from zoning systems. In such homes, the second floor is normally warmer than the lower floor. Having separate thermostats for both floors can help eliminate this problem.
  • Large windows and vaulted ceilings: Homes that have large windows often lose a lot of air to the outside environment and sunlight also keeps the interiors warm. Rooms with high ceilings also take longer to get cool. Zoning systems can take care of such inconsistencies.
  • Other factors: Zonings systems are a good option for homes that have some levels partially or completely underground. If the house has some rooms that are not used regularly, zoning systems can take care of energy efficiency in such cases. It is also an efficient solution for families in which some members have different temperature needs than others.

What Are the Benefits of Installing Zoning Systems In My Home?

  • Energy efficiency: With a zoning system, you don’t need to warm or cool the entire home when you are using just a part of it. This leads to significant energy savings.
  • Improved comfort: You no longer will have to bear extreme temperatures in some rooms. Separate thermostats will ensure that all rooms are adequately cooled.
  • Prolonged life of the HVAC system: A zoning system reduces stress on the HVAC system. It increases the life of the system.

If you are looking to get a zoning system installed in your home, you should get in touch with Scott-Lee Heating Company at (314) 200-0788. You will be amazed at how efficient the HVAC system becomes and how much you save on your energy bills.

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