February 22, 2013


A geothermal system will cut costs by as much as 70%.

Geothermal systems have become one of the most popular heating and cooling systems in recent years. As oil and electricity prices have risen, they have gained a sizable place in the market, thanks in large part to their ability to cut heating costs. Another reason for their popularity is because of a 30% tax credit that will end in 2016.

If these oil and electricity costs are treating you like a jilted friend, then find comfort in the arms of geothermal. These types of systems will have initial upfront costs, but pay off themselves in the long run, usually in two to ten years. A geothermal system will cut costs by as much as 70%, and the longer they operate, the better the savings and more money in the bank. When used in cooling mode, the electrical usage is reduced by 20% to 50% compared to traditional heating and cooling systems.

Another good side to this form of green energy is its durability and low maintenance. The underground piping often has long-term warranties associated with it, and if installed properly is a worry off your shoulders. The few mechanical components associated with them are protected from weather, vandalism, and other threats. As a result, there are low maintenance needs, much fewer than with traditional heating and cooling systems.

One of the biggest benefits of these systems is that it’s environmentally friendly. Little land is needed to install, and the energy is renewable and sustainable. Since it’s not using fossil fuels, significant emissions are not produced. This will help reduce your carbon footprint and prevent the dangers of explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Another friend of geothermal heat pump systems is local economics. With no outside fuel source needed, tax dollars are kept at home instead of being sent to other countries, and local contractors are helped with the work coming their way, and more jobs are being created every day because there is a demand.

St. Louis Geothermal Heating and Cooling

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