November 20, 2020

How a Zone Control System Saves You Money

A zone control system built into your HVAC system is an excellent way to exert much greater control over your HVAC system’s operation. This greater control directly translates to savings, refined comfort, and other great benefits. To learn more about how it works, follow along.

What Are Zones?

In most homes and businesses, the layout of the entire structure is organized into different “zones.” While zones aren’t necessarily marked by physical borderlines, they’re used by your HVAC installer and service technicians to better assign heating and cooling values to the various parts of the structure. For example, a home with three bedrooms might be mapped out to have four or five zones. Each bedroom would likely be considered its own zone, while other major areas of the home are considered to occupy another one or two zones.

By zoning out a structure, the professionals can isolate these specific areas and design a system that can adequately affect each of them. Larger homes typically have more zones. Smaller homes have fewer zones or may even just be considered to encompass a single zone.

How Zone Control Works

As the name suggests, “zone control” is the ability to control individual zones without affecting others. There are many benefits to zone control systems, but they all work by using an additional system of thermostats and dampers installed throughout the home. As opposed to one thermostat controlling the temperature of the whole house, zone control systems instruct the system to heat or cool individual rooms via multiple thermostats. Dampers installed in each zone’s ductwork close or open, acting like valves in the wall, to control the airflow to just those areas.

Big Financial Savings

There are many benefits to using a zone control system. One of the chief benefits is a reduction in your overall energy costs. With the extra control over room-by-room temperatures offered by these systems, you can heat or cool just the rooms you like while leaving other areas unaffected. So, if you’re going to sleep and just want to pay for the heating or cooling of your bedroom and not the entire house, you can.

If you have guests over, you can provide just their room with heat and avoid the heating costs associated with heating every square foot of your home in the process. The combinations of which rooms to heat and cool versus where to not heat and cool are only limited by the breadth of your zone control system. If you have zone control set up in every room, then you have control over every room’s climate. The financial savings you can potentially experience due to the use of this kind of system are significant.

Enhanced Comfort Control and Versatility

Aside from offering great potential for financial savings, zone control systems also give you a much greater ability to micro-manage the desired climate throughout your home. For example, many people have pets or plants that require certain temperatures to live safely. In a zone-controlled home, they’re free to heat or cool the area where these special needs are while controlling the climate of the rest of the home entirely separately.

In rental situations, zone control can be of great benefit as well. With zone control, everyone can be happy and comfortable without any one party being too hot or too cold. Certain items and equipment may need to be stored at a different temperature than the settings you have for the rest of the building. With zone control, these items can be safely stored without concern, while everyone else can enjoy their own desired temperature settings elsewhere in the home.

We Can Help

When it comes to your comfort at home and the costs associated with maintaining that comfort, more control is absolutely better than less. This is where zone control systems come into play. Here at Scott-Lee Heating Company, we’re experts on home climate control and getting the most of it through a modern zone control system.

In addition to zone control setups, we also specialize in the full range of HVAC repair and installation services, including tune-ups, system alterations, indoor air quality assurance, custom ductwork, and even special financing programs for our customers. We’re the top provider of all of your St. Louis-area HVAC needs. If you have an issue with your current HVAC system or just need some expert consultation you can trust, give us a call today, and experience the best the industry has to offer.How a Zone Control System Saves You Money