Busting Geothermal HVAC Myths

August 22, 2014

Ten myths about geothermal heating are eliminated. You may be interested in how installing a geothermal HVAC system would benefit your home. Learn more about geothermal heating and get the facts. Myth #1 Geothermal systems are not renewable technology since they consume electricity. Fact: Geothermal HVAC units require only one electricity unit to produce five units of hot or cold air in a building. Myth #2 Wind power and photovoltaic are better renewable technologies than geothermal systems. Fact: The amount of kilowatt-hour consumption removed by geothermal HVAC systems from electric grids for every dollar used is four times bigger than the amount provided by wind power and photovoltaic systems. Although these technologies have a significant role, geothermal HVAC systems provide a cost-effective method of reducing environmental impact while enhancing comfort inside buildings. Myth #3 Geothermal systems require a huge space for polyethylene piping earth loops. Fact: The earth loop may be positioned vertically under the ground depending on the land features. This reduces the space required above the ground. The use of an aquifer reduces the space further. Water used on the heat exchanger is returned back to its source, which reduces the impact on the environment. Myth #4 Geothermal systems...

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