March 14, 2015

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A very simple fix to your temperature problem.

Every home has that room that can never quite reach the same temperature as the rest of the house. Usually it is a bedroom, one of the most important rooms in the house. Either too chilly in the winter or too hot in the summer and the reason why is perplexing to the homeowner. Avoid putting up with it and ask your local St. Louis HVAC company for help.

As part of the installation process of your home’s heating and cooling system, an HVAC technician performed what is known as a heating load calculation. Room size and layout is measured to determine how strong of a furnace and A/C system is needed along with the duct size, fan capacity, and register placements. This is supposed to ensure that all of the rooms in the home are being heated and cooled evenly.

Inspecting the Home

The first thing your HVAC technician will check is the register in the room for airflow. With a flow hood (air volume reader), they can compare the amount of air that is coming out of the register to those in the rest of the house. If found to be significantly lower than the rest, the duct leading to that certain register needs to be checked to find out what is blocking the flow of air.
With a mirror, the technician can see inside of the ductwork right from the register. Sometimes the problem is detected right away in the form of a flow damper that is partially or completely closed. These are designed to allow a homeowner to manually adjust the flow of air inside of the duct system by closing off entire portions. If this is the problem in your case, you are fortunate and will quickly see a change in temperature of that room once the damper has been re-opened.

A more common problem that could be causing the room temperature fluctuation is a problem with the duct work that is leading to it. Sometimes they become partially or completely disconnected or a flexible one gets pinched or collapses. If this is found to be the case, your HVAC technician will repair the ductwork and restore the flow of air to the room. Not only will the room’s temperature become more consistent with the rest of the house, but you will also benefit from an increase in your HVAC system’s energy efficiency.

Another solution may be to just increase the size of the ductwork that is leading to that certain room. The heating load calculation may have been off slightly at installation and the air being sent to that room is not sufficient.

St. Louis HVAC

Whatever you find your problem to be, Scott-Lee Heating Company will be able to find and fix it. Call (314) 200-0788 to ensure that your home is being run as efficient as possible.