November 27, 2015

hvac problems st. louis

A broken HVAC system can be a major source of frustration for a homeowner.

Whether your air conditioner suddenly stops working in the middle of summer or your heating pump fails to perform as expected on the coldest day of winter, you need to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Air Leaking

If you are using an older HVAC system, chances are that a large percentage of the hot or cold air being produced inside the system is leaking through the cracks and crevices in the ducts. As a result, you may need to set the temperature much higher or lower to get the same heating or cooling effects. Replace the old, deteriorating ducts with new ducts made of sturdier materials. Some amount of wear and tear is usual with any duct system, but ducts made of highly durable materials help prevent air leaking problems for years.

Air Dumping

This is a common problem with HVAC systems installed in rooms with more space both in horizontal and vertical directions. Maybe your heating and cooling system is dumping the hot or cold air in a particular space rather than spreading the air uniformly throughout the room. As a result, you may notice a significant difference in temperatures in different parts of the same room. Fix this problem by using a high-velocity system that comes with small ducts, ensuring the more forceful release of the hot or cold air from the ducts. This helps to spread the air evenly throughout the room.

Higher Humidity Levels

When it comes to choosing a heating or cooling system for your home, bigger is not always better. Choose the size of your HVAC system considering the size of your home. The wrong sized system can result in higher humidity levels in your home. This will only make the indoor environment uncomfortable and unhealthy for you and your family. You will need the services of a St. Louis HVAC professional to help you decide the best course of action.

Outlets or Vents Not in the Correct Place

The heating or cooling efficiency of your HVAC system may deteriorate due to any obstruction in the airflow from the ducts into the rooms. Maybe the outlets and vents are in the right position. There could be large size furniture or some other objects obstructing the airflow. Rearrange the furniture and other objects of the room so as to ensure unobstructed airflow from your HVAC system. If that is not an option, consider reinstalling your duct systems.

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