February 7, 2014

The whole idea may seem more than a bit frustrating for homeowners who just spent thousands of dollars making their house airtight.

While it may seem counter-productive to many, installing an energy recovery ventilator in your airtight home will keep you and your family healthy and reduce indoor humidity levels.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality has become a huge concern for families once they have dealt with the issue of fuel efficiency in the home. By sealing all the doors and windows they created an airtight house where not even one degree of heat could be lost to the outside. By doing so, they also created a stale breathing environment that make the entire family more prone to illness. Without the natural ventilation that older homes give, harmful contaminants are now being trapped inside.

Fresh Air Year Round

The idea behind an energy recovery ventilator is to make use of the outside air to replace stale air without losing any energy. Instead of it entering the house through cracks and crevices, it is now brought in controlled and allowed to pass through the HVAC system first so that it is at the same temperature as the rest of your home. The added bonus is that an energy recovery ventilator will also pull humidity out of the air. By utilizing the existing duct work to circulate the air, it is the safest and most efficient way of keeping your home supplied with fresh air all year round.

Without you even realizing it, your house is already utilizing some forms of exhaust ventilation systems. The problem is these are drawing moist air out, but not replacing it with fresh air. Both your kitchen and bathrooms probably have an exhaust fan or hood to suck air out of the room. Some systems could be set up to actually make use of that air by filtering and conditioning it before sending it back into your living space.

Protecting Against Allergies and Asthma

The primary concern with an unventilated home is the growth and spread of contaminants. With no fresh air circulation viruses and bacteria become abundant and will cause your family to suffer from a variety of ailments including sinus congestion, headaches, and watery eyes. This is particularly problematic in a home that houses very small children or elderly parents whose immune systems are not as strong. Prolonged exposure to these microorganisms can also lead to permanent conditions like allergies and asthma. Taking every possible precaution, such as an energy recovery ventilation installation is the best thing you can do to help your family.

With all the talk about indoor air quality and energy efficiency, it is only natural that a homeowner may start to feel overwhelmed with all of the different technologies available. The easiest way to make sense of it all is to set up an appointment with Scott-Lee Heating Company at (314) 200-0788.  We can assess your home and your needs and help you make informed decisions about what additions, if any, are necessary.

Photo credit:  precisionnutrition.com