January 6, 2014

frustrated homeowner

You may believe that by tackling HVAC maintenance yourself, you are saving a lot of money.  However, you may want to consider the problems you could be creating for yourself.

In this age of do it yourself home improvement projects, many people are led to believe that the need for a certified HVAC technician has become obsolete. Homeowners think that by tackling maintenance themselves, they may be saving a lot of money. This is simply not true for anything beyond a simple filter change. A home’s HVAC system is very complex, and should only be handled by an experienced and licensed technician.

Safety First

There is a huge array of issues to consider when dealing with a central air conditioner or furnace in a home. First of all, the source of power needs to be taken into consideration. Air conditioners generally run on electricity. Messing around with the connections could cause you to be electrocuted or put your home at risk for fire if not properly installed. The same is true for an electric furnace. Gas furnaces pose an entirely different risk of possibly polluting the air inside your home if not handled properly. Not to mention the possibility of an explosion. If you think there is a problem with the connectivity of your units, the wise thing to do is ask an HVAC company out to your house to take a look.

Childhood Memories of a Wrench

Today’s units are considerably more advanced than those found in the homes of your childhood. While you may have memories of your dad banging the boiler with a wrench, today’s more complicated systems require someone with complete knowledge of the advanced technology offered today to keep your system running smoothly.

You may think that no harm can be done by opening the front panel on your furnace and attempting to clear out the debris by yourself. Yet there are sensitive sensors inside that will easily be damaged if not handled properly. By trying to save a bit of money by cleaning the unit yourself, you may have just tripled your expense with the need for replacement parts. Even if the problem is as simple as a blown-out pilot light, a certified technician should still be consulted to check for the reason why. You are dealing with an appliance that supplies heat to your family; do not take any chances with it.

HVAC Now a Specialty Trade

HVAC technicians spend hours in specialty schools learning their trade. They know how to approach a problem and how to avoid turning it into a larger one. They are able to perform diagnostic tests to ensure that the HVAC system is running efficiently. Not to mention that most manufacturer warranties will be voided if an unlicensed person performs any repairs to the unit. They know that most people who attempt to do it themselves will end up causing more damage instead of repairing the problem.

Even the most mechanically inclined do it your selfer should bow away from the HVAC system. This is not the time to play Bob Vila. Put away the toolbox and call Scott-Lee Heating Company at (314) 200-0788 if your unit is not running properly or is in need of a maintenance check.

Photo credit:  bark