September 12, 2016

cold bedrooms st louis hvac

St. Louis homeowners are beginning to anticipate cold winter weather and the last place they want to feel the cold is in the bedroom.

Cold bedrooms are a common occurrence in a home where the thermostat is centrally located, while bedrooms are set off away from the main living areas. You do not have to just throw on an extra pair of socks and live with this problem. Talk to our HVAC experts to find a solution to warming up your bedroom.

The Cause of Cold Bedrooms

Simply turning up the heat is not going to work. Not only will you feel that in your wallet the following month, but the rest of the house will become overheated. Closing the vents in other rooms can put excessive strain on the furnace. Moving the thermostat up and down and opening and closing vents will cause the furnace to run overtime.

When installing a heating and cooling system, a professional HVAC company will be called in to do what is known as a load calculation. They measure the size of the house to determine the heating and cooling load and then choose a system that will be able to handle the load. They will design the flow of air to maximize the system’s efficiency and ensure that heated and cooled air is distributed evenly throughout the house. If this was done correctly then you should never have a cold feet problem. This is indicative of something wrong or broken.

Inspecting the Air Ducts

The first thing a technician will look at is the air ducts. They may be obstructed by something or there could be a damper installed inside that has inadvertently closed. The ductwork may have developed a hole or come undone. In some cases, it may have crumpled, restricting the flow of air. Once repaired, you will immediately feel the difference.

Another problem can also be the return of air to the furnace. If you normally keep the bedroom doors closed throughout the day, you may be contributing to the problem. If the heated air is not getting sucked back into the furnace, the room becomes saturated and no new air is allowed to enter. You may need to have cross over ducts installed in the bedroom which will allow air to circulate, keeping the flow of warmed air into the room constant.

HVAC Zoning Systems

Your home may be too large for your thermostat. A zoning system will allow you to control different areas of your home at different temperatures. There is no reason to keep throwing thicker blankets onto your bed. With the help of a St. Louis HVAC company, say goodbye to cold feet forever. Call Scott-Lee Heating Company at (314) 200-0788.