May 27, 2015

choosing air conditioner

A number of factors will determine the type of air conditioning system that will be recommended for your home or business.

These factors include the size and overall temperature of the area requiring air conditioning. All correlated criteria are taken into account before recommending the most appropriate system that can be used inside a particular area or space.

Window Air Conditioning Units

The most common type of air conditioning unit for single rooms is the window-type air conditioner in which a box contains all the parts of this air conditioning unit (the condenser, evaporator, expansion valve, cooling coil, and compressor). This type of air conditioning unit is installed through an opening on the wall or on the window sill of a room.

Split-Type Air Conditioning Unit

The split-type air conditioning unit is made up of two components, the indoor component and the outdoor component. The indoor component is made up of the cooling fan and coil or evaporator. The outdoor unit is positioned outside the room and is made up of the condenser, expansion valve, and compressor. It is not necessary to provide an opening on the wall for these types of air conditioning units. Modern split units are creatively-designed and use less space compared to a window-type air conditioning unit. One or two rooms can generally be cooled simultaneously by a split-type air conditioning units.

Packaged Air Conditioning Unit

A packaged air conditioning unit may be recommended whenever it is necessary to provide cool air in at least two rooms or bigger spaces inside an office or house. These kinds of air conditioning units have two configuration types. The first configuration will have all the components, like the condenser, evaporator, expansion valve, and compressor, placed inside a single container.

A high capacity blower circulates the cooled air from the unit to a number of rooms through ducts. The second configuration will have the condenser and compressor placed inside a single container. The cooled air will flow through a number of individual units positioned inside different rooms. These individual units will contain the cooling coil and expansion valve.

Centralized Air Conditioning System

A centralized air conditioning system is mainly utilized in providing cooled air for houses, offices, large buildings, gyms, hotels, movie theaters, and manufacturing plants. This is because installing individual air conditioning units in every room of an entire building would not be a cost-effective solution. Due to this, a centralized air conditioning system is a better alternative. Central air conditioning systems are made up of a large-size compressor that is capable of providing numerous tons of air conditioning inside an entire building.

St. Louis Air Conditioning

It is important to be aware of the different types of air conditioning units to ensure that the most appropriate unit is used in providing cooled air inside a particular area or location. Call Scott-Lee Heating Company today at (314) 200-0788 to discuss which air conditioning system is best suited for your property.