October 1, 2019

Preparing For Fall Allergens

Fall allergies can run amok on your respiratory system. These allergy symptoms can include a runny nose, itching, and fever. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to keep your home free of fall allergens.

The Most Common Fall Allergens

Fall allergens differ from the ones that cause your sinuses to act up in the spring. In the autumn months, ragweed is the major culprit. Ragweed pollen can travel hundreds of miles being carried by the wind and can, therefore, affect you even if you are not surrounded by vegetation. Other particles that can aggravate your allergies include dust mites and mold spores.

Replace the HVAC Filter

Your home’s airflow is sifted through the air filter, and therefore, a lot of these allergens that happen to make it into your house will be collected there. It is important to change your HVAC air filter regularly because a dirty filter will mean having allergens floating freely inside your living space. A clogged air filter also means that your HVAC system may not operate optimally, and this will cost you money down the road.

Schedule Duct Cleaning

Schedule an experienced HVAC professional to clean your ducts so that allergens and other debris that may be trapped there do not find their way into your breathing air. Having to put up with allergens outdoors is a big enough nuisance. You don’t need these annoying particulates to harass your respiratory system inside your home.

Arrange an HVAC Maintenance Appointment

Having a reliable professional conduct maintenance on your HVAC system is the best way to stop allergens from ruining your autumn season. On top of eliminating circulating allergens from your indoor air, properly done maintenance will keep your HVAC system functioning in the most efficient way possible, offering you energy savings and prolonging your furnace and thermostat.

If you are a homeowner in St. Louis, MO, contact Scott-Lee Heating Company today to arrange for HVAC maintenance with one of our competent and friendly technicians. We also offer indoor air quality products and services as well as air conditioning installation and repair while providing 24/7 emergency service for residential and commercial clients.