June 25, 2014

Many older homes in St. Louis are still relying on window unit air conditioners to keep cool in the summer.

For some homeowners it is a fear of the installation that holds them back from upgrading to central air conditioning. Before we put the high cost myth to bed, let’s look at why central air conditioning is the better choice.

Window Unit Air Conditioners

Aesthetically speaking, a window unit air conditioner is unsightly. Not to mention how you lose the function of that window for the entire season. Or maybe you took the time and cut a hole in your outside wall to install the unit. That still means there is an ugly protrusion affecting the curb appeal of your home. With a central air conditioning unit, the face of your house is unmarred by an ugly metal box protruding out from it.

The installation through a window or a wall makes the individual air conditioner unit inefficient. No matter how much insulation you stuff around the edges, cool air is still escaping and hot air is still getting inside of your home. This is not the case with a central air conditioning unit. The permanency of the unit allows it to be completely insulated, protecting your home from the outside elements and keeping your energy costs down.

Lack of Energy Efficiency of Window Unit Air Conditioners

Speaking of energy costs, window units can make a huge dent in your electric bill. Their size means that they are only able to cool off a small amount of square footage inside of your home. What about the rest of the house? Even if you have units scattered around multiple rooms, you are still wasting more electricity than you would if you were to install a central air conditioning unit.

Advantages of Central Air Conditioners

To further save you money, a central air conditioner can be programmed with a digital thermostat. With this technology you can control the temperature inside of your home even when no one is there. Walk into a home that has already been cooled off in comparison to having to wait for the window unit to get your home at a comfortable temperature after you arrive home. Plus, you can program it to different sleep time temperatures to make sure that the whole family is comfortable throughout the night, without wasting unnecessary energy.

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Photo credit: en.wikipedia.org via Google