July 27, 2021

Common AC Problems in St. Louis, MO

Air Conditioning Problems and Causes

It’s hot outside, and the last thing you want is for your air conditioner to stop working. However, to have your house go from comfortable to unbearable because of an AC problem is a significant concern. Problems with your cooling system may be a minor inconvenience or a huge hassle. Here are seven of the most common AC problems that happen during the summer months.

1. The Filter Needs Cleaning

The air filter is a frequently overlooked component of your cooling system. Dirty filters won’t allow the unit to work efficiently. Dust, dirt, and smoke can cause the filters in your air conditioner to become gummed up and restrict airflow. A dirty filter can also lead to dirty motors, coils, and clogged drain lines. That’s why it’s essential to regularly clean or change your AC unit’s air filter throughout the summer to prevent other problems.

2. The Drain Line Is Clogged

Another common issue with cooling systems is a clogged drain line. The drain line allows the moisture that your AC unit pulls out of the air to leave the system. If you’ve been neglecting the air filter, a lot of dirt will end up in the drain and clog it up. If the drain line stops draining, then you may find frozen evaporator coils and water leaks. Regularly blowing out and cleaning the drain line will help prevent and solve this problem quickly. While not difficult to perform yourself, a trusted AC company like Scott-Lee Heating Company can also check your system for other issues.

3. Problem With the Motors

The AC motor can experience various problems that will cause your unit to run inefficiently or stop working altogether. The capacitor helps give your AC motor a charge of energy to get it started working. A broken capacitor will cause the motor not to turn on and eventually overheat. The capacitor is simple to fix and replace, but it isn’t the only potential issue with the motor.

Other common problems are worn or broken belts or a dirty motor. A damaged or worn belt will cause the fan to stop working, which affects airflow and can eventually lead to problems with the compressor. Dirt can gum up parts of the motor, causing it to potentially overheat and break down. Regular maintenance will often include cleaning the motor and replacing the fan belt to keep your air conditioner running smoothly.

4. Low Refrigerant

When your AC system is low on refrigerant, it won’t pull the heat and moisture out of the air efficiently. Small leaks in your AC unit are typically the problem and, sadly, all too common. If you find your air conditioner needs to be recharged with coolant frequently, it probably has a small leak. It would be best if you had an experienced professional from Scott-Lee Heating Company take a look at it to find the leak.

5. Ducts Have Leaks

Your AC duct system can develop leaks over time due to damage from pests. These leaks can cause the cool air to blow between the walls or unused portions of the house. Leaky ducts result in wasted energy and inefficient cooling. You’ll need a technician to fix this problem.

6. Thermostat Woes

Thermostat problems will almost always come down to the thermostat not communicating with your AC system. However, there can be several causes for the lack of communication between the thermostat and the AC unit.

The most common issue is the thermostat not getting power due to a tripped breaker or needing a new battery. Finally, a loose wire is a problem that will be easy to miss, as it might seem to be another issue initially.

Respected AC Repair in St. Louis

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