Maryland Heights’ AC Maintenance Company

    AC Maintenance in Maryland Heights

    Scott-Lee Heating Company is your top source for AC maintenance in Maryland Heights, MO. This is an all-important service, as we’ll explain below, and you’ll want a professional to handle it. We have over 20 such professionals on our staff, all of them NATE certified and ready to assist the residents of this St Louis County city. They even undergo training on a regular basis and can maintain the newest systems, both ducted and ductless. We stay on top of any industry advances that arise. We hope this offers you peace of mind and gives you confidence in our ability to successfully complete your job.

    You’ll be pleased to know that we:
    • Have been serving the area since 1978
    • Became BBB-accredited in 1985
    • Hold a perfect A+ rating with the BBB

    Over the course of four decades, we’ve become a trusted name. Customers love our veteran-owned company for its professionalism and its warm, friendly care. Our work with Lennox products, in particular, is so outstanding that we’ve won the Dave Lennox Award a total of 26 times. Maryland Heights residents can rest assured that Scott-Lee Heating Company provides AC maintenance for all makes and models.

    Maryland Heights AC Tune-Up Professionals

    AC Tune-Up in Maryland HeightsLet us inspect your system and determine what should be covered in our customized maintenance plan. You’ll reap both short- and long-term benefits from this plan. You’ll experience more efficient cooling and lower energy bills. You’ll get the full 15 or 20 years out of your AC and reduce the risk for a complete system breakdown. Any manufacturer warranties will remain valid.

    Our team will cover the:
    • Thermostat calibration
    • Airflow test
    • Safety system test
    • Electrical check
    • Air filter replacement

    A calibrated thermostat will read your indoor temperature accurately. With the electrical check, we can tighten loose wiring and replace old and worn-out parts. We can also prevent overheating by lubricating moving AC parts. You can trust our technicians to clean the coils and condensate drain line, too. The first will facilitate the transfer of heat outside while the second will prevent condensation build-up and mold growth.

    AC Maintenance Plans Offer Priority Status

    Quality GuaranteeAfter the AC tune-up, Scott-Lee Heating Company makes sure that Maryland Heights customers are not left with a mess to clean up. Our technicians will do everything possible to avoid damaging your property. That’s not all, though. By signing up for our maintenance plan, you obtain several benefits, one of them being priority status. When repairs become necessary, you’ll receive prompt service and you will move to the head of the line.

    Maryland Heights residents can turn to Scott-Lee Heating Company for AC maintenance, repairs and installations. We offer heating maintenance, too! Some of our other services include indoor air quality audits and solutions as well as custom metal fabrication and new construction services.

    Call us today with any inquiries or to request an AC tune-up!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Why is AC maintenance important?

    • A: AC maintenance is crucial to ensure your cooling system operates efficiently, reliably, and safely. Regular maintenance helps prevent breakdowns, extends the lifespan of your AC unit, reduces energy consumption, and maintains indoor air quality.

    Q: Why should I choose Scott-Lee Heating Company for AC maintenance in Maryland Heights, MO?

    • A: Scott-Lee Heating Company is a trusted AC maintenance company with over 40 years of experience serving Maryland Heights, MO. Our NATE-certified technicians undergo regular training and are equipped to maintain all makes and models of AC systems. We are BBB-accredited with a perfect A+ rating and have won the Dave Lennox Award multiple times.

    Q: What services does Scott-Lee Heating Company offer for AC maintenance?

    • A: Scott-Lee Heating Company offers comprehensive AC maintenance services tailored to your system’s needs. Our maintenance plan includes thermostat calibration, airflow testing, safety system testing, electrical checks, air filter replacement, coil cleaning, condensate drain line cleaning, and more.

    Q: What are the benefits of regular AC maintenance?

    • A: Regular AC maintenance ensures more efficient cooling, lower energy bills, extended lifespan of your AC unit, reduced risk of breakdowns, and valid manufacturer warranties. It also helps maintain indoor air quality and prevents mold growth.

    Q: How often should I schedule AC maintenance?

    • A: It’s recommended to schedule AC maintenance annually to keep your cooling system in optimal condition. Regular maintenance helps identify and address any issues before they escalate into costly repairs or system failures.

    Q: Does Scott-Lee Heating Company offer maintenance plans?

    • A: Yes, Scott-Lee Heating Company offers maintenance plans that provide priority status for repairs and additional benefits for Maryland Heights residents. By signing up for our maintenance plan, you can ensure your AC system receives regular maintenance and prompt service when needed.

    Q: How can I schedule an AC tune-up with Scott-Lee Heating Company?

    • A: To schedule an AC tune-up with Scott-Lee Heating Company, simply contact us via phone or fill out the contact form on our website. Our friendly staff will assist you in scheduling a convenient appointment with one of our experienced technicians.

    Q: What sets Scott-Lee Heating Company apart for AC maintenance?

    • A: Scott-Lee Heating Company stands out for AC maintenance due to our extensive experience, NATE-certified technicians, comprehensive services, quality guarantee, and priority status for maintenance plan members. We prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to deliver exceptional service to Maryland Heights residents.