December 8, 2014

The term “geothermal system” is unfamiliar to some; however, the technology is quite interesting.

A geothermal system requires circulation of water through pipes which run under your house to heat up the house during the winter and forces the heat and humidity of summer out into the ground. A geothermal system is actually a ground source heat pump which captures the solar energy trapped in the surface of the earth for heating and cooling. The system counterbalances itself with the change in seasons, thus providing you effective heating in winter and cooling during summer without using additional energy, except for the pumping system, and saves you quite a lot of money in energy costs.

The Importance of Location

A geothermal system is a good option for your new house or if you are remodeling. Before you decide to invest in a geothermal system, it is essential that a thorough study of the location and surrounding area is undertaken to check the feasibility of operation of the new technology. There are St. Louis HVAC consultants available who can carry out the feasibility study and advice you for choosing the best and most effective solution for your requirements.

The most important requirement for a geothermal system is land. A geothermal system requires plenty of land to make trenches for the piping. You should also be able to work on the land with ease and without any special tools or equipment. The size of space to be heated determines the amount of land required for trenching. If you have a tiny plot of land, a geothermal system may not be for you. If your land is steep, rocky, or difficult to work on, the cost of installation will be much higher than the money you are planning to save from energy costs; hence the system may not suitable for you.

The Cost of Installation

The next major consideration is cost of installation of the system. Installation includes trenching, laying pipelines, and installation of a heat pump. You may invest from $20,000 to $50,000 for the system depending on your location and size of space. It is advisable to seek bids from various contractors to compare the prices and improve your understanding of what is available and being offered.

Comparing Cost with Current Energy Bill

Once you have understood the scope of work and the cost involved you should work out the math regarding your current energy bills per annum and how long will it take to break even after the installation of the geothermal system. Whether you are planning to replace a failing HVAC system or want to put in an energy efficient system, it is absolutely essential that you conduct a study about the feasibility of installation of geothermal system and its benefits before making a final decision. Call Scott-Lee Heating Company at (314) 200-0788 for more information.