January 28, 2015

St. Louis Furnace Repair

7 Warning Signs Your Furnace is on the Fritz

Check out the following 7 signs that should alert you to the need for a service call before the whole HVAC system breaks down on you.

Age of the Furnace

The average life expectancy of a furnace is 16 to 20 years. If yours is around that age, consider having a new one installed. Shopping for a new furnace in an emergency situation in the middle of winter may lead you to making a poor decision. Call your local HVAC company to help you decide the right size for your home, and pick one that is going to provide the most comfort efficiently.

Utility Bills Are Increasing

If your utility bills seem to keep rising without explanation, the furnace may need a tune-up. A poor running furnace is going to suck up resources and cause your bills to skyrocket. If your heater is running longer to provide heat to your home, it is time for an HVAC technician to provide HVAC maintenance.

Replacing Parts

Have you had to have parts replaced recently in the last couple of years? The last years of a heater’s life can be costly and you will find your HVAC technician replacing parts more often.

Temperature Inside Your Home

Is the temperature inside of your home inconsistent? Hot in one room and cold in another? This is a classic symptom of an impending breakdown or it may just be that your home is too large for your furnace. If the HVAC system is still in good working order, you may want to talk with your HVAC company about installing a HVAC zoning system. This will reroute the heat away from parts of your home that are not used regularly and focus on making the other areas comfortable.

Inspect the Furnace Flame

Once in a while you should inspect the furnace flame. A blue flame is normal, but a yellow flame indicates the presence of dangerous carbon monoxide. So does excessive moisture on the inside of windows, oxidization of pipes and vents causing rust, and rusting of appliance jacks. If you notice these signs, have a professional HVAC company come to your home immediately. A carbon monoxide leak will kill your family if not taken care of. Another sign is persistent headaches and malaise felt by you and your family. The presence of carbon monoxide is undetectable by sight or smell, making it necessary to have detectors installed in the home for added protection.

Noise Coming From Furnace

New noises coming from your furnace such as banging or squealing is an indication that the heater has stopped running efficiently. Before it breaks down entirely talk with a St. Louis HVAC company about replacing it.

Air Inside Home is Excessively Dry

A furnace on the fritz is going to make your home excessively dry and dusty. As the ability to clean the air decreases, you will see it on your furniture and maybe feel it in your lungs. Cracking furniture, musical instruments that need constant tuning, and excessive static shocks are all signs of an aging furnace that needs replacement.

Take these 7 signs seriously if you want to avoid a period of days in a Missouri winter without any heat in your home. It is better to replace it now than wait for an emergency. Call Scott-Lee Heating Company at (314) 200-0788 for a quote.