October 15, 2015

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Many homeowners use central air systems, but many of them fail to use these systems efficiently and correctly.

There are some common myths associated with central air conditioners, and in this post, we will bust these myths and help you understand the systems better. This will help you get the best performance from your central air conditioning system.

Myth 1: Energy-efficient central air conditioners automatically bring down energy bills

While it is true that energy-efficient units consume less energy, this is only when they are sized and installed properly and correctly for the home. The system will not automatically reduce the energy bill unless you have the correct unit and ductwork is designed and installed properly.

Myth 2: Turning the thermostat farther down or up will heat or cool the home faster

When the central air conditioner is on, it will simply remain on until the temperature that is set on the thermostat has been reached. Turning the thermostat much lower or higher will not make it work faster.

Myth 3: Fuel based central heating systems are less efficient compared to electric ones

It requires a lot of energy in the form of natural gas or coal to make electricity, which obviously makes electricity more expensive than direct fuel usage, so even though the entire electricity that goes into your central air system is consumed to create heat, the cost of creating electricity actually makes the whole process less efficient.

Myth 4: It is a good idea to use duct tape to seal ducts

When it comes to central air ductwork, duct tape is not a good way to seal any leaks. The tape does not stick properly if the surface is not prepared well and is not durable enough. If your home is old, the duct tape will likely not stay long enough and the adhesive will start to crack and dry quickly.

Myth 5: You must run ceiling fans continuously

It is not important to run the ceiling fans in every room especially when they are not in use. Ceiling fans will certainly help you feel much cooler by creating a breeze thus helping you make efficient use of your central air systems. The fans also help circulate the air well and you may not have to turn the thermostat much lower, but it is not important to keep the ceiling fans running at all times in every room of the house.

Myth 5: You should close the vents in rooms that are not in use to save energy

Doing this can do more harm than good because when you close the registers in one room, it can create pressure on the central air system and cause a leak in other areas of the air system. It has been shown that closing the vents can increase energy use. It can also create mold problems, which can be harmful to both the residents and the furniture.

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