August 21, 2013

The Benefits of Using a Geothermal Heat PumpSt. Louis Geothermal Systems

Geothermal heat pumps are ground source heating/cooling systems that use solar heating to provide energy. They get their heat from the sun and are energy-efficient, as well as a cost-efficient, system for heating and cooling your home or business. They provide year-round reliable heating and cooling and provide energy-saving opportunities. The EPA has reported that compared with other air-source heat pumps or electric resistance heating, the use of geothermal heat pumps reduces energy consumption and emissions by 44% and 72%, respectively.

Cost and Maintenance

There are multiple benefits to a geothermal system. These include a very high efficiency, which in turn reduces the cost of the system and the need for maintenance. Installation costs are competitive and once the system is installed, it requires a very minimal amount of maintenance and does not require a high cost of operation. In fact, in the heating and cooling world, geothermal systems are some of the most cost-efficient. Water source heat pumps are among the easiest to maintain. And because maintenance is so easy, the owner of the system is not saddled with the extra cost of finding a specialist to work on it. It can be serviced easily by an HVAC professional.


Systems are installed inside, so they last longer. They also have fewer moving parts than other systems, which contributes to their durability. Geothermal heating systems can last around 20 years. The underground piping components of the system can carry warranties of up to 50 years.

Estimated savings during the lifespan of a geothermal heat pump system is about $500 million for every 100,000 units.

Systems are Environmentally Responsible

One of the primary benefits of geothermal systems is that they make use of clean energy technology. Combined with the low cost, this is pretty significant. In many instances, environmentally friendly energy solutions can be cost-prohibitive for residents and business owners. While many would like to invest in an environmentally responsible system but cannot, geothermal heat pumps are a very real possibility.

Carbon dioxide emissions created by heating and cooling for buildings account for about 40% of U.S. emissions.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, geothermal systems are the most environmentally responsible HVAC systems available. Harmful emissions are decreased because of how efficient the systems are, and there is less need for fossil fuels. They also require less electricity to operate.

These clean energy systems are a testament to the advances in technology and systems are available for commercial buildings or residential homes.

Safety and Comfort

Both consumers and the environment benefit from the use of these systems. In addition to the clean energy benefits to the environment, consumers benefit from the fact that geothermal heat pumps do not have any combustion flames, there are no odors and no flues.

Additionally, the systems offer benefits in humidity. They are also very quiet because they do not use an outdoor compressor.

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