September 21, 2018

SEER Ratings

SEER Rating Air conditioning systems have evolved. Today’s homeowner has the benefit of choice among many wonderfully efficient AC systems. The yellow EnergyGuide sticker on each unit now shows the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (“SEER”) rating, which lets you know the cooling output to expect per watt. After 2005 the law began requiring SEER ratings of 13 and higher on home air conditioners. Today, you can replace an old unit with a system rated anywhere up to 23.

Your Reward for Making an AC Upgrade: Cash Back

Replace your old AC unit, and let the savings in energy and money begin. Imagine you go ahead and upgrade a decades-old AC unit that only has a SEER rating of 9. You decide to replace that old unit with a new system that carries the EnergyStar® label. To earn that label your new air conditioner must have at least a 14 SEER efficiency rating. So, you decide to replace that 9 SEER unit with one that’s five levels higher in efficiency.

After you’ve made the move from a 9 to a 14 SEER (or go from a 10 to a 15), expect to save 35% on your electric bill. Upgrade from an old, inefficient 6 SEER unit to one of today’s models, and you’ll easily save 50% and up.

Going for the Highest Available SEER?

Insisting on an AC system with the EnergyStar® badge is a wise move. But that doesn’t make the top SEER rating an imperative.

First, we know the cost of a new system matters to you. Plus, you can take deliberate action to reduce your consumption. Slash your utility charges by as much as 3% for every degree upward you push the thermostat. It’s worth adjusting to a slightly warmer room, given the environmental good deed you’ll be doing for everyone by using household energy conservatively.

Scott-Lee Heating Company Experts Understand the AC Needs of St Louis and Suburbs

For best results with your new unit’s long-term performance, we recommend conversing with an AC specialist who knows your area, your moisture sources, and overall cooling needs. An expert can help you select the unit that’s the right size for your home. For a free consultation on new HVAC options, call Scott-Lee Heating Company. And experience for yourself why people in St Louis and its suburbs love us.