October 10, 2018

EPA Certification

Lennox satisfaction guaranteedThe environmental protection agency, also known as the EPA, is the most influential government agency overseeing energy services. When it comes to the HVAC industry, the EPA is a very important entity. In certain states around the United States, the licensing board for HVAC technicians to be EPA certified. In states that do not actually require official certification, it is still seen as a definite advantage to have EPA certification.

4 Types of EPA Certifications

There are four different types of EPA certifications, all focused on different aspects of heating and air conditioning hardware. Depending on the type of work that a technician wants to do, he will have to apply for a different type of certification.

Type 1

EPA certification is created for technicians who want to deal with smaller, residential appliances. These appliances may include but are not limited to, refrigerators and kitchens, vending machines and window AC units.

Type 2

EPA certification is meant for professionals who are looking to service the equipment in refrigerators. This refrigerant equipment includes process refrigerators, heat pumps, supermarket refrigerators or residential air-conditioning units.

Type 3

EPA certification is meant to certified technicians who are trying to handle low-pressure refrigerant equipment. This kind of equipment includes things like chillers.

Type 4

EPA certification is known as the universal certification. Type 4 HVAC professionals have the ability to work on equipment categories in all of the other three types of certifications.

Importance of EPA Certification

Although you do not have to work with a fully certified technician as a private resident (you may be forced to do this if you are doing business in certain states), it is always a good idea. In most households, the HVAC system is responsible for around half of the total energy expended by that house. If you are serviced by someone without EPA certification, you may be hemorrhaging energy from your home.

EPA certification ensures that your technician is kept up-to-date on the latest technologies in the HVAC industry. It also ensures that your technician is properly trained in the labor that is required to complete work.

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