If you’ve been used to a simple, manual thermostat or even one with a simple setback timer, you’re going to be amazed at the available heating and AC thermostats in St. Louis, MO for your HVAC system of any age.

With so many types of heating and cooling equipment in homes today, matching the right heater thermostat, combination type, heat pump version, or zone thermostat for your system can be tricky. Selecting your preference for basic functions or smart features like a WiFi thermostat can also be frustrating. Our expert thermostat installers can help.

Thermostat installation can help lower your energy usage without even upgrading your HVAC systems. A smart thermostat or even a basic programmable thermostat fine-tunes your settings to keep your family comfortable without wasting energy when they’re not home!

How do I select the right thermostat for my home?

Your St. Louis home’s thermostat needs to match your HVAC equipment, such as an AC thermostat or heater thermostat connection, combined heat pump control, geothermal, or zoned controls. Brand and model connectivity often make a difference. Smart thermostats need even more compatibility! Our thermostat installers can make it work perfectly for you.

Considerations for your home’s programmable thermostat include:
  • Manual programming or smart home with sensors
  • Connecting by 5-wire, 7-wire, WiFi thermostats, etc.
  • Zoned thermostats and damper control
  • Humidity sensor

Your AC thermostat can operate based on local temperature in the room, or your smart home system can use other temperature and humidity sensors as well as occupancy and sunlight information. Scott-Lee Heating Company can explain how each one works and provide programming or information to customize it.

The type and even make and model of equipment that you connect a thermostat to guides the type of device you use. For example, 5-wire or 7-wire, WiFi thermostat network connections, programmable thermostats using manual settings or central smart home management. Your heat pump needs a thermostat with an appropriate heating and cooling changeover switch. Systems with humidity management need appropriate sensors and controls.

Zoned HVAC control systems are like multiple heater thermostats that manage the flow of warm air, or cool air in summer, using dampers to divide up airflow in your ductwork. If everyone’s active throughout the house until bedtime, a zoned system can keep the house warm, then reduce heating to just the bedrooms, saving energy!

Skilled Heater Thermostat Replacement in St. Louis

From a simple replacement for your basic, single-zone heating system to an energy-saving, comfort-enhancing smart home HVAC control system, at Scott-Lee Heating Company we’ve got you covered in St. Louis. We’ve been honored with a top-tier Dave Lennox industry award nearly every year for decades, providing 24/7 service from an organization that’s been focused on HVAC excellence since 1978.

Make your choice of heat and AC thermostat part of your home’s HVAC design, replace an existing heater thermostat, or join the modern age with smart thermostats. We’re here to make it simple, and our mission is the peace of mind of our customers.

We take the puzzle out of selecting the right AC thermostat for your equipment and offer a range of advanced devices in St. Louis. Call our HVAC experts today and enjoy the results!