If you adjust the thermostat frequently to keep your energy use under control, you’ll love what a new AC thermostat in O’Fallon can do for you. They keep getting smarter and smarter, balancing comfort and energy usage with smart thermostat technology.

Replacing heater thermostats in your home or upgrading to new technology, equipment compatibility is a bit of a maze. Wire those 5 or 7 wires or advanced programmable thermostats wrong, and you get damage or feature loss. That’s what our expert Scott-Lee Heating Company thermostat installers are here for. They can suggest the right device, and provide a perfect thermostat installation.

Specialized thermostats for high-end equipment, heat pumps requiring reversing valve control, or IAQ solutions needing humidity sensing and control can make finding the right choice a challenge. Let us integrate the right controls with your legacy or latest model HVAC gear!

How do I select the right thermostat for my heat pump system?

If you have a heat pump providing the comfort for your O’Fallon home, you need more than an AC thermostat, you need one that manages summer and winter modes. All it takes is a switch to shift from heating to cooling, but you need that switch connected to do so! The same goes for humidity management, zoned systems, and even a backup heater thermostat for cold days that challenge your heat pump’s efficiency.

Your home’s programmable thermostat may include:
  • Connecting by 5-wire, 7-wire, WiFi thermostats, etc.
  • Manual programming or smart home with sensors
  • Zoned thermostats and damper control
  • Humidity sensor

A typical AC thermostat senses the temperature in the room, and engages cooling when it goes too high. Today’s smart thermostat installation can include multiple temperature sensors, humidity sensors, even ways to detect if the room is occupied and the sun is shining. At Scott-Lee Heating Company our thermostat installers love to help you save energy.

Matching color codes among a 5-wire or 7-wire heater thermostat connection can be daunting, especially since they’re often not consistent. WiFi thermostats take HVAC management to the network. There are advanced interfaces that help implement advanced features like variable-speed AC technology!

Zoned HVAC systems require a set of controls to manage spaces receiving separate heating and cooling. As well as reducing the energy used, these systems use dampers in your ductwork to divert the right amount of cooling or warmth where you need it, on schedule. No matter what, you’ll rest easily with the right temperature at bedtime, and knowing the rest of the home’s HVAC is idle!

Expert Heater Thermostat Updates in O’Fallon

Since 1978, the HVAC experts at Scott-Lee Heating Company has been dedicated to your comfort and energy savings in O’Fallon. We’ve evolved along with the technologies our high-quality HVAC systems employ, and we’ve been recognized as a Dave Lennox industry leader many times over the past three decades. Our 24/7 service keeps you protected against summer’s heat and winter freezes, and our expertise helps you select the right equipment for your home, including programmable thermostats! Our mission is your peace of mind, and your comfort.

Puzzling over AC thermostats and other HVAC controls in O’Fallon? Get the full story and the right equipment from Scott-Lee Heating Company. Call today!