If you suspect that your AC thermostat in Maryland Heights, MO, is becoming a problem, let’s talk. Our Scott-Lee Heating Company experts can match it with the right wiring out of many available for a trusted replacement or provide energy-saving, comfort-enhancing alternatives.

If the “fan” setting never did anything on your thermostat, it’s time to check the wiring. 5-wire, 7-wire, varying color coding, it’s a bit of a jungle at times getting a thermostat installation right. That’s unless you have the experience our technicians do! We can even relocate wiring or convert to a WiFi thermostat or smart thermostat.

Replacing your thermostat is an opportunity, whether you’re keeping the HVAC equipment or considering new options along with your new AC, heater, or heat pump. The more customized the equipment our thermostat installers provide, the more you can enjoy comfort and energy savings together!

How do I select the right heater thermostat for my equipment?

Replacement heater and AC thermostat installation for an older system usually allows a variety of models to choose from. If you’ve updated to the latest variable-speed AC system, however, you may need to stick with controls provided by the HVAC manufacturer. They know how to take advantage of advanced features using proprietary methods. Let us guide you to the right smart thermostat or other solution for you!

Considerations for programmable thermostat include:
  • Zoned thermostats and damper control
  • Manual programming or smart home with sensors
  • Connecting by 5-wire, 7-wire, WiFi thermostats, etc.
  • Humidity sensor

Let our Scott-Lee Heating Company HVAC experts explain your AC thermostat options and help you find one that gives you more customized comfort and energy savings, even with the same AC system. It’s a first step towards integrating your heater thermostat and AC, heat pump, or geothermal, and managing your home’s temperatures room by room!

Placing dampers in your ducts to custom-configure your home’s HVAC airflow with zoning helps put heating and cooling where you want it, and when you want it. In the meantime, rooms that don’t need HVAC airflow take a break and save on energy.

Smart thermostats and smart home systems use more than Wifi thermostats to manage your comfort in Maryland Heights, they often have a collection of sensors that report humidity, room occupancy, even whether it’s a sunny or cloudy day. They do a lot more work than a simple programmable thermostat.

Heater Thermostat Replacements and Upgrades in Maryland Heights

Keeping your comfort just where you want it with a minimum of energy use is what we offer at Scott-Lee Heating Company. We’ve developed expertise with AC thermostats and other HVAC controls in Maryland Heights. We’ve been frequently honored with the Dave Lennox Industry Award for excellence over the last three decades.

Our legendary service has continued since 1978, evolving with the HVAC equipment and services field. Count on us 24/7 for emergencies, and turn to us when you have questions about your current heating and AC or replacement HVAC system plans. Our mission is your peace of mind, and your comfort!

Choosing an AC thermostat or other thermostat installation, including smart home equipment in Maryland Heights? Count on Scott-Lee Heating Company to do it right, call us today!