A major part of your home’s energy saving HVAC system is the equipment that controls it, such as your AC thermostat in Ballwin, MO. At Scott-Lee Heating Company, we install or replace thermostats from basic models to sophisticated, whole-house smart home equipment.

Manufacturers have added specific communications requirements for smart thermostats used with their more advanced HVAC systems. Even legacy AC thermostat and heater thermostat connections may involve 5-wire, 7-wire, or other configurations. Connecting incorrectly risks malfunction or even system control board damage.

Many homes use Wifi thermostats that are easily controlled from a central panel, smartphone app, or smart home control system. These combine with sensors to intelligently adjust heating and cooling for minimum energy use and optimum comfort.

How do I get the right thermostat to match my home’s HVAC equipment?

If your Ballwin home has a traditional AC thermostat and a heater thermostat, often combined with a dual lever or dial, your thermostat installers can match the wiring and replace it with a modern version. When you decide to update to a heat pump, however, you’ll need a thermostat that handles the switch from heating to cooling, managing the same system year-round.

Your home’s programmable thermostat may require:
  • Connecting by 5-wire, 7-wire, WiFi thermostats, etc.
  • Manual programming or smart home with sensors
  • Zoned thermostats and damper control
  • Humidity sensor

Thermostat installations for smart thermostats or smart home systems can be more complex, and the configuration for a zoned HVAC system is customized. These systems manage airflow using dampers to direct heating and cooling where you need it, similar to programmable thermostats with an edge. Some systems even learn your family’s habits!

Don’t let the complexities of today’s AC thermostats keep you from getting the type you want for your home. It’s true that miswiring a 5-wire or 7-wire thermostat connected to your HVAC control board can cause problems or even damage. Getting it right the first time is what our Scott-Lee Heating Company thermostat installers are for!

With Wifi thermostats, you’re not limited to a specific location for your thermostat where wiring is already present. Wireless thermostats go where it makes sense. Additional humidity, occupancy, daylight, and other sensors can be used by smart home controls to optimize heating and cooling.

When you’re having dinner or watching a movie, zoned HVAC keeps you comfortable during the evening, then prepares the bedrooms and drops the energy used in the rest of the house. Ask about having this convenient, energy-saving update to your home’s existing HVAC!

Skilled Heater Thermostat Installation in Ballwin

At Scott-Lee Heating Company, we’ve been creating comfortable spaces in Ballwin homes since 1978. Offering 24/7 emergency service, our HVAC experts understand today’s sophisticated programmable thermostats, AC thermostats that match your home’s connection compatibility needs, and heating thermostats that warm up the house as you’re on your way home.

Combining HVAC systems with advanced technology to meet our customers’ needs is one way we keep earning the Dave Lennox industry award, year after year, for many years. Our mission is your family’s comfort and peace of mind!

Is your AC thermostat making your cooling system go haywire in Ballwin? Call Scott-Lee Heating Company 24/7 for all your HVAC needs!