June 24, 2019

Benefits Of A Product Warranty

Many newly purchased HVAC products come with a warranty. These warranties can provide a variety of advantages. Before you make your next big purchase, here are a few considerations regarding your warranty on the product.

You Can Budget the Cost of Ownership

There are different types of warranties, including extended and limited. A limited warranty only covers the product for a set amount of time or only in certain circumstances. In some cases, the warranty will only compensate you for a manufacturer’s defect, and the term can be as short as one year. If you want a longer protection time, you can always purchase an extended warranty. One of these can help you to budget the cost of the product over a longer period. Since extended warranties are usually fairly comprehensive, if a part breaks or the unit fails, you will not have the burden of large repair bills.

Replacement Parts

Most heating and cooling products are built to last for several years. If a part fails prematurely, the product warranty will normally cover it. However, parts that fail due to normal wear and tear are often not reimbursed. You will always want to check your specific warranty to verify the coverage. At Scott-Lee Heating Company, we can help you find a product with a solid warranty for your home in St. Louis.

A Reduction in Labor Costs

While most warranties do cover the cost of repairs, you will have to verify whether yours covers labor costs. Some extended warranties have an added bonus of picking up the bill for the full labor. A limited warranty may only cover a percentage of the labor. Once again, you need to consult your warranty to find the specifics of its coverage.

If you have any concerns about the warranties of your home heating and cooling products, our trained service team is ready to answer all your questions. When you want HVAC equipment with a dependable warranty, call the professionals at Scott-Lee Heating Company in St. Louis. Our technicians will find the right product for your home and budget. We can also help you with all your heating and cooling repair, maintenance, and installation needs. We handle air quality, ventilation, and humidification issues as well.