Mini SplitWentzville, MO, is a beautiful city that can bring extreme temperatures. For example, the average low temperature in January is 21 degrees, while summer heat in July can reach 88 degrees. Fortunately, whether you are trying to beat the heat or cold, installing a ductless mini-split system helps you maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

    What is a ductless mini-split system? It’s a ductless AC that works according to the current weather and provides an easy way to heat or cool your home without installing ductwork. It’s also perfect for newly built homes and additions. Mini-splits also work great in condos, apartments, garages with shops, commercial buildings, and more!

    Wentzville Ductless AC Installation and Repairs

    Our technicians install four types of mini-split systems. We can also repair and provide maintenance to keep your mini-split air conditioner running well. Single-zone mini-splits work well when you only need to heat or cool a single room. It is an excellent solution for a closed-in patio or bedroom you’ve recently added to your home. It’s primarily designed for smaller spaces. Hyper-heat single-zone mini-split systems also work well in defined areas such as lounges or lobbies.

    Precharged systems have a condenser and refrigerant attached to a mini-split. They are easy to install and get up and running quickly. Finally, multi-zone systems can typically cool or heat up to five rooms.

    Mitsubishi ElectricThere are many benefits to installing mini-split air conditioners in your Wentzville home!

    • Better indoor air quality
    • Noise reduction
    • No ductwork needed
    • Both heat and cool your home

    Many customers ask us about the energy efficiency of a mini-split air conditioner. We can provide an estimate of the cost of installation and give you an idea of how much money you’ll save on your electricity bill by switching to mini-splits and possibly zoning your home. Like other effective HVAC solutions, mini-splits filter some of the allergens, dust, and pollutants in your indoor environment. Plus, you won’t have to install bulky ductwork in your home.

    Trusted Mini-Split Air Conditioner Assistance

    BBBScott-Lee Heating Company is a premier dealer for Lennox and Mitsubishi mini-split systems. So, if you’re considering installing a ductless AC in your home, contact the team that has helped hundreds of your neighbors stay cool in the summer and cozy in the winter. Then, the next time you notice that your spouse is hot when you’re freezing, think of the effortless comfort you can achieve simply by going into another room and adjusting the individual thermostat. We are an A+ rated BBB-accredited contractor with a long history of excellent customer service. So, call us anytime at night or day for emergency assistance.

    If you would like to schedule an appointment for installation, repairs, or maintenance, call the mini-split air conditioner experts in our office today!