Mini SplitAre you considering installing ductless AC in your home in St. Charles, MO? Compared to a ducted system, a ducted mini-split air conditioner has many advantages. Our team installs mini-split systems in homes in St. Charles County. We can answer your questions about this type of air conditioning. Give us a call to discuss mini-split installation today.

    Reliable Ductless AC in St. Charles

    Ductless AC systems can bring many benefits to your home. They are easier to install than systems that include ducts, which makes them ideal for homes that urgently need a new air conditioning system. A mini-split air conditioner contains two main components, which are an indoor air-handling unit and an outdoor compressor that cools the air. You can install multiple such units in your home, allowing you to have multiple cooling zones, each of which is set to a different temperature. This zoning is incredibly useful in large households, where different people have different opinions of how cool or warm the home should be.

    Mitsubishi ElectricThere are many reasons to install a mini-split system in your home. Here are a few of the most important benefits.

    • Temperature zoning
    • No need to install ducts
    • No energy wasted in ducts
    • Design flexibility

    If you have decided to replace your current AC system, then a ductless mini-split air conditioner might be the perfect replacement for you. Our expert technicians can consider the needs of your home and household and suggest options that are likely to be suitable. We install ductless mini-split systems from Lennox and Mitsubishi, which are both leading brands with great reputations for quality.

    Your Mini-Split Air Conditioner Team

    St. Louis man checking ductless mini splitAt Scott-Lee Heating Company, we are proud to be a leading installation team for ductless AC in St. Charles. Whether you know exactly what kind of system you want for your home, or you need advice, you can contact us and we will do our best to serve you. Our team of qualified technicians works hard to install mini-split systems that meet the needs of every customer. Since 1978, our company has been helping to heat and cool homes in the local area. We have earned the Dave Lennox Award for 26 years out of the 40 years since the award’s foundation.

    Whether you live in Weldon Spring Heights, Hamburg, Gardnerville, or any other St. Charles neighborhood, we are ready to help you find the perfect mini-split air conditioner for your home.

    When summer temperatures soar in St. Charles, you need a reliable ductless AC to keep your home cool. Call us today to get started!