Mini SplitDuctless split air conditioners can help you save money on power and energy. Scott-Lee Heating Company can assist you with installing Lennox and Mitsubishi ductless mini-splits in O’Fallon, MO. Our HVAC technicians provide ductless AC throughout O’Fallon and the surrounding area.

    For 40 years, we’ve provided professional mini-split air conditioner installation, and we’ll stick with the job no matter how long it takes. We can give you a more exact time frame once we inspect your home. A zoned system can also be used to eliminate hot and cold spots on the floor.

    Ductless AC Expertise in O’Fallon

    Ductless AC is an excellent alternative to central air conditioning systems. The most common applications are multifamily housing and retrofit additions to existing houses that use “non-ducted” heating systems. Here is a guide to ductless mini-split heat pumps if you wish to learn more.

    St. Louis man checking ductless mini splitMini-split systems, like central systems, are comprised of two essential components: an external compressor/condenser and an inside air-handling unit. Mini-split air conditioning systems allow rooms on the front of a building to be cooled. At the same time, the compressor is positioned outside the building in a more accessible or inconspicuous location.

    They do not suffer from the energy losses common in systems that use air ducts, such as central forced air systems. Mini-splits offer greater interior design flexibility than other systems.

    The Convenience of A Mini-Split Air Conditioner

    Ductless ACs allow homeowners to direct heating and cooling precisely where needed. Unlike ducted systems, they do not have problems with air leaks and energy loss that can significantly waste both energy and money. Compared to the operating costs of a more extensive heat pump system, mini-splits are often far cheaper.

    Mitsubishi ElectricHere are some more benefits of ductless AC:

    • They are easy to install
    • Less expensive to run than ducted AC systems
    • They are flexible
    • Support room design
    • No leakage problem

    Mini-split air conditioners are a fantastic alternative when used with zoning systems, which divide an indoor space into isolated zones that receive heating and cooling separately from the surrounding zones. Our HVAC pros can install a thermostat in each air handler, allowing precise temperature regulation. Establishing a ductless mini-split system is also less complex as they do not require an extensive network of ducts to function.

    A Trusted Mini-split Systems Company

    24 hours serviceScott-Lee Heating Company is a trusted mini-split installation team in O’Fallon, MO. with an A+ BBB rating. Ductless mini-split systems do not require air ducts to function correctly.

    It provides you with greater freedom than any other type of air conditioner. Mini-split air conditioners with no ductwork are more versatile than central air conditioning systems. A ductless mini-split air conditioning system can save you money and keep everyone under your roof happy. Our pros are happy to configure your system to meet your family’s needs.

    O’Fallon lies between Interstates 64 and 70 near St. Peters and Lake St. Louis. Our team provides quality HVAC throughout O’Fallon and the rest of St. Charles County.

    Contact [company name] if you live in O’Fallon and want to install a mini-split air conditioner in your home. Our personnel are highly qualified, well-trained, and available 24 hours a day for emergency assistance—if it’s an emergency to you, it’s an emergency to us!