March 15, 2013

Save energy by replacing your old, inefficient unit with a new one. St. Louis, Air Conditioner

It’s almost summer in St. Louis and that means hot weather is just around the corner! If you want to keep your cool this summer, it is a good idea to check on your air conditioning systems to now.

Your unit may be more than 10 years old. If it is then it may not be very efficient. This could be costing you money. It may be working harder to keep your home cool. This means costly utility bills. Here are some things to consider about a new AC system.

These are 3 major factors to consider. A new system will provide more comfort in a few areas. First, a new system will be able to maintain a constant cool temperature all summer long. Second, you can avoid costly repairs that you will probably have on an older system. And third, you will experience more peace in your backyard because newer systems are much quieter than they use to be.

As mentioned above, your old AC may be working too hard. Does your system constantly run during really hot days and still can’t get to a comfortable temperature inside? It may be that your system is too small for your home. Or it may just be old and can’t work as well anymore. This factor wastes both money and energy.

What To Buy

At Scott-Lee Heating we can help answer all of your cooling questions. We will help you find a system that meets your needs and budget.

Look for a system with a high  SEER rating. This stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. It indicates the number of BTUs of cooling energy per watt-hour of electricity. The standard for the SEER ratio has gone up in the past 7 years, so your unit may be below standard. A higher rated system may cost more upfront, but you will save every month.

A Scott-Lee Comfort Specialist will be happy to help you improve the comfort level of your home environment.