July 15, 2019

Reducing Exposure To Indoor Air Pollutants

Your home may be a safe haven and a personal escape, but there are could still be indoor air pollutants lurking throughout your interior. The air in the building may not be as clean as you think it is. Fortunately, certain steps can be taken to reduce exposure to indoor air pollutants. Here are a few ways to reduce indoor air pollutants in the house.

1. Avoid Smoking

One of the main steps residents need to take to maintain clean indoor air is to avoid smoking indoors, which will pose as health hazards, especially in rooms that have a lot of upholstery or carpet. When smoking outdoors, close all of the windows in the home to prevent secondhand smoke from transferring into the building. Cigarette smoke is tough to clean and to remove because it’s a strong odor that can linger for many years.

2. Avoid Using Household Cleaners

Household cleaners may remove dirt and grime in the building, but they can also affect the air quality in the building due to the chemicals they contain. Household cleaners have been linked to respiratory issues in both children and adults, which makes it necessary to switch to green cleaners that are safe and natural. The fumes from the products can lead to inflammation in the lungs and can also trigger allergies.

3. Change Filters

The air filters that are installed in the HVAC system need to be replaced every two to three months to ensure that harmful contaminants and pollutants are trapped when the air is circulating in the home. Take a look at the filters every month; they need to be replaced if light can’t shine through them.

Professional Heating and Air Conditioning Services

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