Heating and Air Conditioning in WildwoodIn the far western portion of St. Louis County, Wildwood, MO was only incorporated in 1995, but the presence of Big Chief Restaurant from 1928 points to the area’s role as a section of the famous Route 66. Historic villages that were waypoints for early motorists have been gathered into the city of Wildwood, but many landmarks continue as points of historic interest including the Pond Inn, Historic Kern Service Station, and Stovall’s Grove roadhouse, still a country music destination.

    November through March are chilly to downright freezing in this part of St. Louis County, while summers are moderately hot but usually quite humid. Having reliable heating and air conditioning is important, and humidity control can be essential in the summer. At Scott-Lee Heating Company we have standby technicians available 365 days a year, and offer scheduled repairs, maintenance, and installation.

    Experienced Heating and Air Conditioning Repair in Wildwood

    Our skilled HVAC technicians specialize in repairing air conditioners as well as heat pumps that supply the heating and air conditioning capabilities residents of Wildwood need in a single unit. We perform critical annual maintenance to keep these units operating reliably and efficiently through the heating and cooling seasons, and we offer advice on making the repair or replace decision when older units are facing increasing repair needs.

    Experienced Heating and Air Conditioning Repair in WildwoodAir conditioners and heat pumps have many of the same symptoms when they need attention. Call us if you notice:

    • Unusual smells or sounds from the unit
    • Clicking sounds accompanied by difficulty starting
    • Inadequate heating or cooling
    • Leaking around the unit
    • Icing of the unit’s coils
    • No air circulation

    Professional Wildwood Heating and Cooling Installation

    Modern air conditioners and heat pumps are much more efficient than older models, in part due to designs that incorporate dual-stage compressor operation for responsive operation. We can help you evaluate BTU ratings, SEER numbers, and other factors to meet your budget and comfort needs. Our installations are efficient and finish with a clean sweep.

    Expert HVAC Maintenance

    Maintenance of your heating and air conditioning systems is an investment in longevity, efficiency, and reliability. We perform cleaning, important for coils on outdoor systems, inspect for electrical and other damage, check belts, hoses, and refrigerant, and make sure your air filter is replaced, usually required on a monthly basis. If we notice any developing issues during our inspection, we’ll make a note for you.

    Scott-Lee Heating Company is here for you year-round to get your Wildwood heating and cooling systems restored quickly if needed, and to maintain and upgrade them as well. For help with your home’s comfort including humidity control systems, call us today!