Heat Pumps in St. CharlesIf your heat pump isn’t providing the hot or cold air you need according to the season or isn’t starting or circulating air at all, it’s time to have our heat pump repair team visit you in St. Charles, MO. We can check out your heat pump installation and make sure everything is operating correctly, addressing issues such as refrigerant level, fan belt, and motor condition, and thermostat operation to get to the root of the problem. Count on us for expert diagnosis and repair, and all the heat pump information you need as a homeowner.

    Trusted Heat Pump Repair in St. Charles

    Our skilled HVAC technicians have the parts on hand and training to address most heat pump repair problems on the spot. When your system isn’t meeting the thermostat temperature you selected, or is performing ok but consuming more energy than it used to, we can help you with expert repairs. On the other hand, you may find that fewer repairs are one of many attractive features of a new heat pump, and we can help you weigh your alternatives.

    Heat Pump RepairHeat pump system indications that it’s time for a heat pump repair visit from our team:

    • Energy bills have suddenly risen
    • New noises or leaks from around the unit
    • System doesn’t keep up with your temperature needs
    • Unit doesn’t start up or makes clicking sounds

    Many heat pump repairs are straightforward, such as fan motor and belt replacement, electrical repairs, and coil repair with refrigerant replacement. At some point, repairs may become more complex, or they may not improve efficiency as desired. We can help you compare fundamental issues such as unit age and condition with heat pump installation advantages for a decision that can serve you well for the next decade or more.

    Your Heat Pump Installation and Repair Team

    At Scott-Lee Heating Company, we’ve been providing heating and cooling to the St. Louis area since 1978. We offer 24/7 emergency assistance with highly experienced HVAC professionals and have received the top-tier Dave Lennox Award in 26 of the past 40 years the award was available. In addition to our consistently high level of quality heat pump assistance, we also remain connected with our customers and our community. Our mission is the peace of mind of our customers.

    In Weldon Spring Heights, Jacobs, Hamburg, Gardnerville, or elsewhere in St. Charles, our heat pump repair team is ready to get your system running again 24/7.

    Your comfort in St. Charles is a top priority to us. Call our repair and installation team today for top-quality assistance!