July 10, 2013

How To Choose A Heat Pump

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Heat pumps are great alternatives to any traditional, electrical or otherwise fueled HVAC systems. They tend to be a lot more efficient and environmentally friendly, and typically last for a longer time with moderate maintenance requirements. The only thing that keeps them from conquering the world is their relatively high price and complicated installation compared to the more popular solutions. But, as the conception of environmental awareness is becoming more and more mainstream and people are willing to invest more money in home appliances if in return the machines are lasting for a longer time, it is sensible to expect that the demand for heat pumps will gradually rise and so the prices will eventually drop. They are supplied by most HVAC companies already and have the potential to become one of the big technological stories in the upcoming decades.

So, in case one is determined to move towards tomorrow today and has made up his mind on placing a heat pump in the heart of the residential HVAC system, it will not be a problem to find a supplier and installer with the necessary experience of setting it up. The last touch before the purchase may be a bit puzzling though, as there are two fundamentally different versions of the technology in use. There is an air source heat pump and a ground source heat pump. Choosing the right one is not as trivial as it may seem. There are different factors to consider. The main aspects along which the comparison of the two solutions will be assessed in this article are the cost and the expected life cycle of the machine, the chore of the installation, the efficiency, and the maintenance requirements.

  • Cost: Air source heat pumps are typically cheaper, mostly because a ground source pump requires the installation of an underground loophole system.
  • Installation: For the same reason, an air source pump is usually less complicated to install.
  • Efficiency: The efficiency of ground source heat pumps are slightly higher. But it is also worth taking into account that ground source heat pumps are capable of providing heat in cold weather as well, while the efficiency of the air counterpart drastically lowers as the temperature drops below 0 Fahrenheit.
  • Maintenance requirements: Ground source heat pumps have a lot fewer moving parts and are expected to malfunction less often than the air source pumps.

The key to benefiting from a heat pump is to have it properly installed. Before installing any of these two systems it is more than wise to ask the supplying HVAC company to estimate the level of insulation of the house, and if needed, upgrade it before switching on your brand new heat pump.

St. Louis Heat Pump Installation

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