September 20, 2018

Does Rain Damage My Heating and Cooling System

Lennox SystemsYour heating or cooling system spends all its time out in the elements and deals with temperature changes and other environmental hazards. You probably wonder how it affects your unit, and if you need to take steps to protect your investment.

Your Unit Is Built To Withstand the Elements

St. Louis has every kind of weather. Being in the Midwest, you may have warm weather one day and snow the next. Fortunately, outdoor HVAC systems are built to withstand any normal weather they may experience.

From rain to snow to gusting winds, your unit should be fine. The electrical components are carefully sealed so they are protected from outside moisture, and regular airflow should dry out the unit even after a hard rain. Attempting to protect your unit by covering it will do more harm than good.


There are some kinds of hazards that Mother Nature brings that can damage your unit. Rain itself won’t harm your unit, but flooding probably will. If you think your HVAC unit may be flooded, cut the electrical supply off immediately. This is a good idea for any electric appliance that may be facing a flood.

Once the water recedes, your unit will need to be completely dried out. Call a professional to help, to make sure you are safe and your unit isn’t damaged. You may need to replace it completely.

Tornadoes and Other Extreme Winds

Of course, there are some kinds of weather which can damage almost anything. Extreme winds and tornadoes can destroy your entire home.

Your home and appliances are just possessions, but it can feel devastating to find out that something you worked hard for has been destroyed. If your unit is damaged at all, call a professional to see if it can be safely saved.

A Company With Experience

The Scott-Lee Heating Company was founded in 1978 and has grown steadily in experience and reputation. We help both commercial and residential customers with everything from maintenance to repair to replacement. Our certified technicians can help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you are in St. Louis or one of the surrounding areas and need help with your air conditioner, or if you just want to talk about a service plan, contact the Scott-Lee Heating Company today. We have 40 years of experience in solving our clients’ heating and air conditioning problems.