January 20, 2021

Do Humidifiers Work in the Winter?

Have you noticed that your family’s complaints about their physical comfort increase in the winter? If the air inside your home gets too dry, the body gets dried out, too. The skin, eyes, nose, and mouth can become itchy and very uncomfortable. Your heater may be keeping you warm indoors, but you may still be terribly uncomfortable. Balancing the moisture inside your house can enhance the quality of life you live.

A humidifier or humidifying system can increase the moisture in your indoor air. Even when you live in a humid climate, a humidifier may be required during the winter. This is because modern heating systems dry out the air in a dramatic way, regardless of the humidity outdoors. Installing a modern humidifier is an important solution to consider when improving the quality of the indoor air you breathe.

Moisture Levels Support Good Health

The level of humidity in the air identifies the amount of moisture or water vapor present. When there’s too much humidity, you can feel sluggish and uncomfortable. Too little humidity can cause the body to get dried out and itchy, and dehydration can be enhanced. The right level of humidity can support the health of everyone in your household no matter their age.

When humidity is too low or too high, respiratory health can be affected. High humidity can cause off-gassing of construction materials and an increase in the rate of ozone formation. If you’re not in control of the humidity in your home, it’s likely your health will be affected over time.

Moisture Keeps Your Home Comfortable

There are many people deeply affected by dry skin, especially during the winter months. The moisture provided by a quality humidifier can help head off the pain of psoriasis and eczema. Symptoms of sinusitis and asthma and the general irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat may also stabilize and decrease. Adding moisture to your indoor air can improve overall comfort levels.

The skilled technicians from Scott-Lee Heating Company are available to provide installation services for homeowners in St. Louis. Let us know if you’d like to install or replace a humidifier in your house today. It’s never too late to upgrade your indoor air quality.

Humidity Can Kill Germs

According to the National Institutes of Health, certain levels of humidity can support your physical health. Airborne germs and bacteria have a difficult time surviving when exposed to humidity levels of around 40% to 60%. Mites and fungi have a difficult time growing when water vapor is managed in these mid-range levels. When moisture levels go above or below this balance point, problems can occur and health concerns can grow.

Benefits of a Humidifier in Winter

Increasing your ability to manage the humidity throughout your house has some amazing benefits. Placing humidifiers in bedrooms can support more restful sleep. Humidifiers can also work to reduce your winter utility costs because moist air feels warmer. Warmer air can mean less need to operate a heating system day and night.

Moisture in the air can also help keep wood floors and furnishings in good shape. Without the added moisture, your possessions can dry out, get brittle, and age quickly. This includes art, instruments, fabrics, keepsakes, paper items, and plants. Another benefit is an increase in skin moisture, which can help erase the look of dry, aging skin.

Selecting a Humidifier

A humidifier is a mechanical device designed to increase the amount of moisture in the air. These devices are built to support levels within certain parameters, so choosing a product that meets your needs is important. You’ll want to investigate the way the moisture is delivered and the general operation process. There are products that adjust the amount of moisture delivered and others that don’t. Some devices may make more noise than others. A knowledgeable installer will know what size room each model will support.

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