Scott-Lee Heating Company is your best choice for copper roof flashing in O’Fallon, MO. Your roof’s flashing is essential to completing a finished look that emulates curbside appeal. We understand how frustrating it can be to feel dissatisfied with your home’s appearance. Our experienced technicians can outfit your home with gorgeous flashing that perfectly fits your windows and roof shape. Choose Scott-Lee Heating Company to enjoy a stunning copper bay window roof, or chimney flashing that’s effective and eye-catching.

    Copper Roof Flashing in O’Fallon

    Choosing the best flashing for your home will prevent water damage and potential costs in the future. Professionals install flashing between your roof and your home’s underlying structures to protect against rain, hail, storms and even mildew growth. You need the best material installed to keep your family and belongings consistently safe no matter the season. Copper flashing is one of the most durable options available on the market. This type of flashing lasts decades longer than other alternatives and can even outlive your shingles. Save on replacement costs by choosing a flashing that has the potential to last your lifetime.

    Larger homes with more complicated structures like bay windows and chimneys often need reliable flashing the most. The valleys of your roof are particularly vulnerable to standing water and growths that can affect the integrity of your shingles. Additionally, the area around your chimney often wears down faster than the rest of your roof. You need an excellent waterproof seal to keep moisture from leaking into your attic and home. Choose a material that can reliably stand the test of time. Copper roof flashing will revolutionize your home’s look and overall aesthetic appeal while providing top-of-the-line protection.

    Monitor your home for any signs you may need new copper flashing:

    • Visible damage to current flashing
    • Non-metal flashing older than 10 years
    • Constant extreme weather
    • Water leaks or mold/mildew growths

    Our expert and skilled technicians can appraise your roof with an experienced eye, pointing out areas that need new flashing immediately. They can walk you through your options and offer informed advice on how to best care for your flashing to maximize its lifespan. Certified experts come with a guarantee of unbeatable quality and professionalism. Trust our technicians to correctly outfit your copper bay window roof or install chimney flashing you can rely on. Give your O’Fallon home the best curbside appeal possible with professionally installed copper flashing today.

    Copper Bay Window Roof Services

    Scott-Lee Heating Company has been serving families and businesses in O’Fallon for more than 40 years. We’re an award-winning, veteran-owned company dedicated to our community. We hire only the highest trained technicians with outstanding professional certifications. Our team offers quality, reliable work at a fair, honest price. We always put the customer’s needs first no matter the size or scope of the job. Our expert team will arrive ready to ensure you’re completely satisfied with the installation process.

    Don’t let old, worn-out flashing ruin the look and safety of your home. Contact our team at Scott-Lee Heating Company today to learn more about installing copper roof flashing in O’Fallon.