Are you looking for a long-lasting, highly protective copper roof flashing in Maryland Heights, MO or the surrounding area? At Scott-Lee Heating Company, we specialize in crafting customized copper roof flashing for local residents. While some people choose to use aluminum, stainless steel, or galvanized metal for their flashing, copper is a superior material for a number of reasons. It is highly malleable and can be installed in any type of weather because it isn’t affected by temperature. Copper also offers an eye-catching look throughout its long lifespan. The metal looks great on all types of roof structures, including bay windows. Let us help your home stand out by installing a copper bay window roof and copper flashing in Maryland Heights.

    Maryland Heights Copper Roof Flashing

    Without flashing to enclose the angles and joints of a roof and protect the soffits, fascia, and eaves, water can enter the structure. This can cause mildew, mold, flooding, and other damage to the interior of your home or office.

    We can protect your property by designing copper flashing for various areas of your roof structure:

    • Along roof edges
    • Around chimneys and vents
    • Where the roof and walls meet
    • Along dormer edges and bases

    In fact, copper flashing can be used to enclose all angled areas on a roof. Bay windows, porches, gazebos, carports, and garages all require custom metal roofing with flashing. To make your home or commercial structure look its best, copper flashing is the top choice.

    We cut copper roof flashing to fit, providing your home with added curb appeal. We fasten this sheet metal underneath shingles and other areas of the roof vulnerable to the elements. Although it costs more than aluminum, its tougher nature makes it function better. It also provides an easier-to-solder material than aluminum. This makes it a more versatile material.

    Installing a copper roof and flashing means the roof will likely outlast you. While asphalt shingles require replacement in 15 to 20 years, a copper roof typically lasts 100 years or more. That makes a copper roof exceedingly practical, especially if you’re building a new home or you just moved into a home you plan to remain in for a lifetime.

    As the copper ages, it also takes on a different look. In fact, you can tell how old copper flashing and roofing are by their color. When it’s first installed, it has a shimmering copper hue similar to a penny. After about a year, the copper will have transformed to a dark brown hue. The copper will have changed to a dark green hue after about four years and a pale green hue after 25 years.

    Copper Bay Window Roof Experts

    You have many reasons to choose copper roof flashing from Scott-Lee Heating Company. We have been serving the area since 1978, and each of our team members takes pride in offering top-notch customer service. Over the years, our dedication to customer service has earned us the trust of many satisfied customers. It has also helped us earn numerous industry awards, including more than 25 Dave Lennox Awards.