Improve your home’s curbside appeal with copper roof flashing in Ballwin, MO. Flashing is a significant part of your roof’s overall effectiveness and value. It plays a huge role in protecting your shingles and home from expensive water and mildew damage. You need the best materials and professionals for the job to ensure your home and family are protected over the years. Choose our team at Scott-Lee Heating Company to install the highest quality flashing on the market.

    We can even provide copper chimney flashing and work around your copper bay window roof. You can count on our SMACNA Certified professionals!

    Copper Roof Flashing in Ballwin

    Every home needs quality flashing to keep water from leaking into the attic and walls. Flashing typically refers to thin strips of metal or another strong material that’s installed at junctions on the roof. You may need flashing placed around your chimney or near pipes or windows. You could even need flashing near your gutters or in the valleys of your roof. While there are many flashing options available, copper roof flashing offers the best defense against water leaks and damage. Choosing a weaker flashing alternative can compromise your home’s structural integrity and cause devastating rot.

    Copper is unique in its long-lasting benefits and aesthetic appeal. Copper roof flashing can last up to 80 or 100 years when installed correctly and properly maintained. You’ll likely have to change out your shingles before having to replace your flashing. Copper is also resilient against salt water and ultraviolet rays. While this option is typically a little more expensive than other flashing alternatives, it guarantees one of the longest lifespans possible.

    Copper flashing is also one of the most popular options due to its unique coloring traits. Over time, the copper will develop a patina, which is produced due to long-term oxidation. The copper color will start a shiny brown before darkening and turning green after many years. Professional technicians can determine the age of your copper flashing by evaluating its shade. Copper is unique in that its patina keeps it protected against harmful corrosion and potential internal damage.

    Keep an eye out for any signs your roof’s flashing may need to be replaced:

    • Consistent water leaks or damage
    • Visible damage or compromised sections
    • Older than 15+ years
    • Signs of corrosion/rust in gutters

    The best way to protect your home and family is to trust trained professionals. Technicians have the certifications and experience to properly handle and install your home’s flashing with ease. They can fully evaluate your roof for weak spots and provide valuable advice and maintenance tips. Calling in the professionals gives you peace of mind that the project will be completed correctly without injury or damage. Your roof is essential to maintaining your home’s indoor comfort. Trust the professionals to provide the premium service you and your family deserve.

    Gorgeous Copper Bay Window Roof

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