Fight Against Viruses With Fresh-Aire

    Fresh-Aire UVAt Scott-Lee Heating Company, we fully understand your need to protect you and your family from dangerous viruses and airborne pathogens, especially in your own home. With the spread of the coronavirus, we are proud to inform you more about the Fresh-Aire UV light air scrubbing system our team can professionally install in your home. The Fresh-Aire UV, or APCO-X, is an exciting, technologically advanced air scrubber that is highly efficient against viruses, and will greatly improve your home defenses against such viruses as COVID-19 as well as bacteria, mold, and other unwanted particulates.

    In addition to being a great investment in protecting your home today, it’s the perfect indoor air quality solution for the future as well!

    Fresh-Aire UV is effective against:
    • Viruses
    • Bacteria
    • Mold
    • Pathogens
    • Fungus

    How Does Fresh-Aire UV Work?

    With non-invasive Air Scrubber installation right into your existing heating and cooling systems and/or duct system, the Fresh-Aire UV disinfections the various surfaces in your house as well the air you breathe. As air circulates through your ducts, the APCO-X air scrubber uses state-of-the-art UV dosage to kill viruses and eliminate various airborne pollutants. While Fresh-Aire UV has not been tested against COVID-19, it has been proven effective against similar viruses, including those that require an even larger UV dosage to eliminate.

    Protect Your St. Louis area Home With Fresh-Aire UV

    Clean Air with Fresh-Aire UVThe Fresh-Aire UV system is fully tested and proven to be effective against viruses,bacteria, mold, fungus, and other undesirable microorganisms. This incredible air scrubber comes from ten years of APCO development, and is laboratory-tested to be 33% more effective than previous models. The proprietary antimicrobial nanotechnology, LED display and simple installation process make this a no-brainer to help protect you and your household against viruses today and the years to come. Our team will answer any questions you may have about the product or installation, and offer fast, professional installation with your best interests in mind.

    Your Trusted IAQ Team

    Scott-Lee Heating Company is your local indoor air quality expert! Since 1978, we’ve been helping our customers make their homes happier, healthier, and more convenient to live in. We’ll know just how to assist you in protecting your home and improve your indoor air quality, always with the highest standards of service. Our award-winning, BBB A+rated team is standing by to answer all your questions about the Fresh-Aire UV air scrubber. Call now for guaranteed service in 24 hours!