AC Repair in Edwardsville, ILSince 1978, Scott-Lee Heating Company has been proudly serving the citizens of Edwardsville, IL for all their AC repair needs in both residential and commercial settings. The maintenance of a comfortable temperature is imperative to your health and safety, and we understand that having an air conditioner repair issue is not your idea of a fun time. We’ll always work quickly and effectively to restore your indoor cooling comfort. Scott-Lee Heating Company‘s many happy customers are all the proof we need to say you can trust us with your AC repair needs here in Edwardsville.

    Air Conditioner Repair in Edwardsville

    There are some signs which can clearly indicate that your AC needs repair. If you notice unusual noises, unpleasant odors, uneven airflow, humidity, AC vents blowing warm air or your energy bill is rising remarkably, you should take these as signs indicating that your air conditioner needs repair. Should you encounter any issues when turning down the thermostat, simply reach out to our team. We’ll dispatch one of our experienced technicians right away to come and address the issue.

    Air Conditioner Repair in Edwardsville

    Timely and regular AC repair has several benefits, such as:
    • Increased lifespan of your AC system
    • Improved air quality
    • Regulated humidity levels
    • Increased system efficiency
    • Decreased electricity bills
    • No extra noise
    • Peaceful and clean environment

    Reliable and Top-Notch AC Repair

    We are experts in the repair of AC systems. Scott-Lee Heating Company is a trusted name in AC repair throughout Edwardsville and the surrounding areas. We provide free estimates and expert diagnosis, so you’ll always know exactly what you’re facing. No matter how big or small the issue may be with your air conditioner, we’ll know just how to approach the problem. We also know that air conditioner repair isn’t always going to happen on your schedule, so we’re available for emergency repair response as well.

    If you are in Edwardsville and your AC unit needs repair, call us or contact us online for the most reliable service nearby!

    Apart from AC services, we also provide heating repair and a whole range of services!

    Ready for a new AC? We guarantee you’ll be completely satisfied if your AC installation is completed by us.

    Allow our expert technicians to help you avoid repairs in the first place with our detailed AC maintenance service!