AC Repair in Clayton, MOSchedule AC repair in Clayton, MO when you notice that there is something wrong with your AC unit. Most people fail to schedule air conditioner repair in a timely manner. As a result, the problem will worsen and spread to the point where it can no longer be repaired or to the point where the repairs are very costly. In some of the worst-case situations, the problem gets so bad that you’ll need to replace the AC instead because the parts are too damaged.

    If you repair the AC unit as soon as the problem shows up, you’ll end up saving on repairs. Your AC unit will also have a longer lifespan and the parts will not be affected as much. Many different things may need air conditioner repair services as time goes on. A proper diagnostic takes only a few hours at most, and our experts will be able to provide you with multiple solutions to choose from after that.

    Best Clayton AC Repair

    With each use or with time, your AC will begin to break down. It’s not unusual for you to need to call for AC repairs after several years. You’re also more likely to need air conditioner repair in Clayton if you do not maintain and service your unit regularly.

    Best Clayton AC Repair

    Some of the most common things that can be wrong with your AC include:
    • Cracked condensate pan
    • Dirty AC filter
    • Frozen evaporator coil
    • Faulty or broken thermostat
    • AC refrigerant leak

    Even the most minor problem can have multiple causes. Our team will disassemble your unit in order to get a better look at the underlying mechanisms. From there, we can perform a diagnostic and use that information to recommend several solutions. Knowing which solution to choose can be difficult, so we’ll walk you through the pros and cons of each option.

    Reliable Air Conditioner Repair

    Here, at Scott-Lee Heating Company, we have a lot of experience in handling all types of AC issues. Our team is committed to providing you with an unbeatable level of service and high-quality workmanship. We stand behind our work, and are passionate about what we do, which is why we won 26 of the past 28 Dave Lennox Awards. We have a history of satisfied customers, as we strive to go above and beyond expectations at all times. You can trust us to provide you with the best residential and commercial AC services around.

    Keep your AC unit in great condition by scheduling an AC repair with us today if you notice that something is wrong with it. If you are looking to replace your current AC, we can help. We’ll provide a detailed estimate for a new system that will fit your personal needs. Most manufacturers require regular maintenance on your AC in order to honor the warranty. Be sure to schedule your annual tune-up during the spring season. Need help with your furnace? We also provide quality furnace repair service.